Chemistry Coding A Scimatics Project

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I’m back with a scimatics blog post so this project was Chemistry Coding. In this project we learned about matter and its different forms and diffrent states of matter on elements i.e water of magnesium. To code this we used scratch (learn more here——->scratch) scratch is block coding for more info on that Here. So we had a choice make either a simulation or a game. I chose simulation because I thought it would be a better way of showing my knowledge then a game. And because this is PLP we have driving statement: “The behaviour of matter can be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory”

So because this was a Scimatics project we made a mind map to start the project this was milestone 1


Milestone 2 was we had to show 4 elements that were on periodic table my elements were Magnesium,Carbon,Lithium,Nitrogen we had to list how any protons neutrons and electrons there are in each element

here are some images



Milestone 3 was a Atomic theory test




Milestone 4 we made a list on what we wanted to put into our game/simulation



Milestone 5 was the scratch final product here’s some of the code I used






And Milestone 6 was this blog post


Core Competencies Time

So Core Competency #1 was Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.

Meaning can I ask questions and show a curious interest in the topic. I did ok at this skill I probably could have used my time better and then I would have showed my understanding better.  I could improve this skill next time by not getting distracted by things around me.  

 Core Competency #2 was Scientific communication: communicate ideas, findings, and solutions to problems using scientific language, representations, and digital technologies

So when we coded we needed to include scientific words and ideas and images. So what that meant for coding is we had to have accurate information and depictions of how certain molecules move and what temperature they react at. I showed this is Milestone 2 when we had to chose 4 elements off the periodic table and find out how many protons neutrons and electrons there were. I did pretty good overall on this skill  how I could improve this would be to code better on Milestone 5 like coding particle collision. 

Competency #3 was Reasoning and analyzing: Use logic and patterns (including coding) to solve puzzles and play games.

This one was for the coding part of the project and I did really well on this I had two elements magnesium and Water and and using certain keys like T for temperature I made them move accurately based on what the temperature was.I could have coded particle collision if I had time so definitely should have used my time better.

So after all this we added to our MindNode with stuff we learned throughout the project. 

So two Main highlights of this project 1.the coding in general because I love coding and using scratch was fun and simple. 

2. Was a gem stone identification challenge this challenge was Mr.Gross (the teacher) got some  gems and we had to try and figure out what type of gem they were by using density spoiler The were topaz.  

Now what you all probably came here to see the final game 




So just FYI for better experience click the link here ———> Matter Simulation 

So this project is over now and I’m sad because this was a fun and unique experience 

Anyways Goodbye And don’t forget that coding=fun I=BLog And you=awesome 


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  1. Sounds like a cool project! Did you mean driving question rather than driving question at the start?

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