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Welcome all. We have completed another Maker project called Vibrant Video. This post was all about video making and editing. The Driving Goal for this project was: Create a final reflective blog post on your learning portfolio that shows the growth of your skills making vibrant videos. We used mainly iMovie and Clips for this projects. iMovie is a editing software that comes pre installed on iPads you can add sound effects and splice clips together in it. Clips is another apple app that allows you to use filters and posters and all kind of fancy things to make short films. Up until this point we hadn’t really used Clips a whole lot so using it was pretty fun.    

Thing project could be broken down into 4 skills. Skill one: Think Like a Movie Maker, for this skill we were tasked with creating a short film about of our hobbies. I chose to take photos of my many, many, many plushies. Before I show you the film the goal of it was to just practice our filming skills and get familiar with Clips. I chose to use plushies for this one as I didn’t have other clips of me doing other things that I enjoy. And using plushies seemed like a fun way to start this project. 

As I said it was the first video that we made and it shows. The editing was not very good there was shaky cameras. No rule of 3rds etc. But that was only the first video. 

The 2nd Skill was all about learning how to frame shots and get angles. So our task was to create a silent film using the vintage filter and multiple different angles. I once again chose to uses plushies as a way to show my learning. As none of my family wanted to be in this video. So I made a short love story. 

As you can see the improvement from video one to two is already showing. My camera was not moving and shaky this time as I had it rested on a shelf and stand. I also got my Mom to hold the camera on the overhead shot. So that certainly helped.  I found this one particularly enjoyable as I liked using the old film filter.  

The 3rd skill was all about planning out a film using a storyboard and then shooting it. For this we were taught how to use the new iMovie update Storyboards. We also learned how movies are planned the make a treatment which is basically a short summary of the entire film. Also to help us plan was a storyboard made that was based off of the iMovie storyboard


 I should also explain that this was DIY video on anything you wanted. Hence the “How to Use a Vending Machine”. So here is the video 


Overall I would say its good we could have had Alfie (the guy in the chair) redo his voice lines as a voiceover. Or added subtitles as its hard to hear him. Again though we are definitely improving at planning and shooting the videos. 

Our 4th and final skill is special effects and how to use them. The app we got recommended was Action Movie. A app that lets you record special effects like a explosion, in the app. For this we made a treatment and our idea was Riding a Bike. Now that may not sound like a interesting idea. But what it turned into made it my favourite video of the entire project. 

So after the very tragic ending of that video. I should explain the ending Noah gets hit by the police car which is me then I try to revive him but when he comes back to life I think he is a Zombie so I shoot him. So this was our final film that we made and we combined all previously learned techniques to make a masterpiece. We had different angles, special effects, we created a treatment beforehand to plan. 

Now we also had to do 2 challenges as a side project so I chose Playing with Angles and Add a Song. I think the angles is pretty self explanatory. So for the add a song you had to take a real life scenario and add music to it. So here are both my challenges. 

And so finally I must ask myself did I meet the goal listed at the start which to remind you is: Create a final reflective blog post on your learning portfolio that shows the growth of your skills making vibrant videos. So overall I would say yes you can definitely see the improvement from the first video to the final one. This project was VERY fun and I thoroughly enjoyed making every film.

Everyone who helped work on any of these videos with me here are there blogs: Noah, Claire, Ben.y, , Faith, Alfie

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