It’s *not* the end of the world!

Have you ever read ‘The Outsiders’? Heard the song ‘It’s The End of The World as we Know It’? Rewritten the song? Made a music video out of it? Posted it on your brand new Youtube account? Well… I have!


Role Sheets

I have completed all of these things and would like to tell you about the process. As we all read the novel by S. E. Hinton, we filled out role sheets which are work sheets about the chapters. We read around five chapters at a time, and then filled out these sheets on our iPads. We then shared the sheets with our group once a week, and reflected on our work. The role sheets show our teachers that we understand what we’re reading. By doing this, I not only better understand the reading but it also helped me practice critical thinking, and going deeper into what I have learned. 

The Book

Overall I thought the book was alright. I see why people like it and why it’s been so culturally impactful but I personally didn’t find it as engaging as other books I’ve read. I feel like it was more of a success because the author was so young when she wrote it, and it might not have been because of the book itself. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a good book, but it was an amazing book for a sixteen year old to write, and it would have not been so impressive if some middle aged man wrote it. 


In the ‘It’s The End of The World as we Know It’ project, we created  two memes, one for the Western vs Other world view, and one for our expectation vs reality of high school. For the Western vs Other worldview, I made a stereotypical ‘Karen’ complaining that she is never safe in a place full of ‘gays and drag queens’. This meme represented the idea that Karen is afraid of ideas that aren’t dangerous to her while, there is so much actual danger going on in the world that she isn’t focusing on. In the other Meme, we were asked to showcase how we expected high school to be, vs how it really is. I chose to show how hard I expected it would be to open my locker, vs the fact it is not that that hard at all. We used pages to make both Memes, and did it in groups of two or three. We made the memes so that we had to think about both subjects and consider our worldviews in a deeper way. I’m really enjoying using all these aspects of technology and becoming better and better at navigating them.



The part of the project we took the most time with was the ‘It’s The End of The World as we Know It’ song. After listening to it many times, we were tasked with re-writing the lyrics of the song, making it represent our worldview and how it was changing because of our transition from Elementary to high school. 

After I wrote my version of the lyrics, we were put into groups and we made another version of the lyrics- yep, another whole song to write!

We wrote lines like, ‘It’s the start of Seycove and it’s not easy’ and ‘Slow it down a notch, lockers, rush, help me please’. We these lines to try to explain how we felt about school and how this change to high school is impacting us.

After  our group made our final version of the song, we recorded ourselves singing it, and created a music video. We made it on iMovie, using photos of us over the years.

I found it more difficult to write the song in the group than I did on my own, but it was nice to share the workload. It was hard to agree on which lyrics we each wrote and sang but overall I’m pretty happy with our end product.

I found the first few PLP projects very big and difficult. Now that I’m getting better at the technology and have a few assignments under my belt, it’s getting easier. The projects are still challenging but they don’t feel as impossible anymore.


Becoming a PLP Learner- How am I doing it?

For my fist maker project of the year, we did the ‘Becoming a PLP learner’ project. As I reflect on the project, I feel proud of the work I did, even though I can see many areas I could improve. When I started school in September, I understood the basic used of my iPad, but I have such a better understanding of the tech now. I didn’t even know that you could animate in keynote, or that I could make ‘stickers’ for a Memoji.

My Fidget

The first thing we made was the ‘Keynote Design Notebook’ which was a keynote slideshow that took us through some of the many things we could do within the keynote app.  The thing I was most proud of from the slideshow was the Barbie Squishy fidget I made using the animate tool, shape tool, colour fill tool, and the image fill tool. I chose to make my fidget about Barbies because of my favourite movie; the Barbie Movie.  I love everything about this movie, from the characters, to the storyline. I think that I identify with it much more than the shoe, or the dress- but the hoodie was a close second. One thing that I regret about the fidget is that I did not showcase my favourite character, Ken, as much as I know that I should have. The main attraction was, of course, Barbie, and I am worried that Ken may feel hurt that I chose his bau over him- I would never.

My MeMoji

The next thing that we worked on was our Memoji, and its beautiful be-stickered computer. I chose stickers that meant something to me, like the Ski-wi- skiing kiwi, the feminism sign, and the Kenough quote. I made the stickers similarity to how I made the fidget, with image fill, shapes, gradient,  outline, and of course Memoji. I tried to make the Memoji look as similar to me as possible, and I later added Animation to the Memoji and the stickers when I moved it into the final slideshow.

My WordPack

Another thing we did was the WordPack.  I had the Word pack. I chose the green colour scheme- my favourite colour, and put the words in the shape of a mushroom- just a shape that  drew my attention. I used the WordPack app, and used words like, Lover-of-food, Daughter, and Feminist to create the final product. one thing I could have done better is try to find out how to make the words I want bigger, like Daughter, Lover-of-Food, Feminist, and Sister. Instead I just let the app choose random words that don’t mean a lot to me to hi-light.



The last thing I have not touched on is the driving question; Who am I as a PLP learner? I am interested, and creative. I am taking in knowledge, and I am curious. I listen,  I talk,  and I am learning every step of the way.

BEFORE: Marvel


What is a ‘Marvel’?

This is the first ever post on my new blog! I will be writing about my handsome puppy-dog and her past life. If you have ever met the tiny gorgeous beast who lives at my house, you would know of the frightening, the ambitious, and the admirable traits of the beautiful furry creature- but where do you think she picked up the praiseworthy attributes? Though it is not common knowledge, my dog Marvel was once… A STREET DOG IN MEXICO.

So what?

Before she was accustomed to soft beds and an abundance of organic food, the two pound furry baby we now call Marvel was used to fighting for her food, and for a dry and warm place to sleep. Now she scarcely barks about her past life, however, I have talked with the one dog who saw it all, her brother, Duker. (Pronounced D-OO-K-ER) Here is what I have learned about Marvel’s life as told by Duker.

The real story…

*The first thing I remember was our mom, Jamm, me, and my sister living in one of those boxes with the big blue letters spelling out IKEA in the alleyway behind Señor Escovedo’s fruit stand, beside the two blue dumpsters. Jamm would leave every morning to find us some food, usually returning by mid-day with some moldy scraps. Back then, before we were Marvel and Duker, we were Jarrito and Mango.  Anyway, we would have to entertain ourselves so we made up games, like catch the mouse, which Jamm outlawed after she saw that the mouse was twice our size. You might be thinking, what happened to Jamm? I still remember the night. Me and Jarrito were playing chase, when we saw Jamm running towards us, full speed barking.

“IN THE BOX! NOW!” She pushed us to the box, and then flipped it over on top of us. her bark was muffled when she called, “Now be quiet.” We can only assume that she was taken, just like we would be soon. We hid in the box until we were too hungry to stay. We decided to follow her scent as long as we could, until we eventually found a dumpster. We were planning to stay there for the night, until a group of stray cats chased us out. I thought we were dead meat, that is until a big pit bull ran over and stopped us in our tracks.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she said, and I was about to run, when little Jarrito marched right up to her and said:

“Why do you care?” Jarrito barked, and the big dog growled.

“This is out turf, no place for weak little pups like you.” At this point I was ready to pass out, but Jarrito barked right back

“Who said we’re weak?”

We were both nervous, but Jarrito knew that if we didn’t have somewhere to sleep, and something to eat soon, we wouldn’t make it through the night. Anyway, the big dog rolled her eyes, and told us,

“Come with me.” I remember looking at Jarrito thinking ‘We’re gonna run right?’ but no! she followed the big dog, and did it with swagger.

We followed the big dog to a dead end, a big brick wall. At first I was confused, and then I was REALLY confused when the big dog walked through the wall? We stood there puzzled, before the big dog stuck her head back out asking us to follow.

“Come on.” We inched towards the big dog’s head, and saw that she had slipped though a crack in the wall, just barely big enough for her to fit though, but easy enough for the scrawny things we were.

Behind the wall was like dog heaven. Piles of trash, food scraps, and bones covered the ground. Dogs of all breeds and sizes roamed happily, digging through trash and gnawing on bones.  In the centre, there was a huge beanbag, covered with dirty blankets and more bones. The Pitt marched up to the to the beanbag, and a tiny brown speckled head popped out. I noticed a long scar from its eye all the way down to its chin.

“What is it Dave?” ‘Dave’ the big dog who had taken us here, sat down in front of the beanbag and nodded towards us.

“Found them walking around the Cat Dump.”


“Well, they looked hungry, and if I left them there, the cats would have eaten them.”

“Well if they are here to stay, at least put them to work.”



Duker then told me about how Marvel/ Jarrito slowly began to take over the group, until she finally battled Moosh (the little dog) for the bean bag throne. After she bested the little dog in a game of tag, the group morphed into a Mafia. Jarrito soon became the dog everyone feared. She ran many illegal businesses, from gambling rings, to rigged games, and was on the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Until one day, she and her brother were taken, just like their mother, to be adopted and pampered. Jarrito was forced to retire her Mafia career, but still practiced the art of manipulation on her adopted older brother Soda, and she still is the owner of all bean bag chairs.

*This interview has been translated from DOG to ENGLISH

More Info about adoption