Bored games!!

Hello everybody! During science, we have been learning about the fascinating world of electricity!!!  It was very cool and interesting lear [...]

Viral Videos are Fun!

Hello! Today, I will be going over a week of school in Maker!  We created 5 different videos that utilize different skills and techniques. [...]

MPOL 2023?!

Good Afternoon! “Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accoun [...]

Revolution’s on Trial!

Hello everyone! This is part 2 of the Revolution on Nation X!  I just finished doing this project and have created multiple different thing [...]

What Makes a Good Movie?

Hello everyone! I just finished my third exhibition in grade 9!  Our exhibition was based on the movie Avatar, so all our projects had to r [...]

Vibrant Videos

Hello everyone! During Maker, I have been creating videos and goals that I would like to accomplish.  I have learnt a lot about cinematogra [...]

The Revolution of Nation X

Hello people! We have just started a project called Storm the Barricades!  We just finished a civilization simulation on where we role play [...]

How the Geography of the West Shaped us through an Economical Lens

Hello people! This is the second blog post for this year!  I will be talking about the most recent project I have done inside humanities!  [...]

The Different Ecosystems of the World!

Hello people! This is my first blog post in PLP 9!  I will be explaining how humans have impacted ecosystems across the world in a negative [...]
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