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Hi guys, I’m back and in this post I’m going to cover everything I experienced on the Oregon field study that I recently got back from with the rest of my class in PLP 8. For those of you who don’t know what PLP is. PLP is a program at Seycove Secondary in BC, Canada. The program itself is one that reinforces revision, inquiry, and many more important traits to have when learning. Every year, the PLP teachers take each grade on a field study to different parts of the USA or even places like Cuba. Every group of grade 8’s goes on a 7 day trip down the Oregon Coast. As I said before, this post is all about that!




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Favourite Meal:


  On this amazing trip I expanded my palate and opened up to trying new foods like Thai, Chinese, and more. Though I tried a new variety of foods, I still can’t get over the buffets. During this journey we were treated to three different buffets, but my absolute favourite was in northern interior Oregon on our way home. The place was like Chuck E Cheese, but in my opinion, much much better. There were games, rides, movies, tv, and lots of food, including ( my favourite, ) dessert buffet. If you ever are in north interior Oregon, go to Johns Incredible Pizza Co., it’s the best.









Favourite Activity:


  On the second day of our awesome adventure, we went to High Life Ziplining. This was my absolute favourite activity. We had soooooo much fun during the eight course ziplining adventure, over forest, ponds, and a huge lake in which we were dunked. On this course we were given snacks, and a great scare by a yeti. But by far, the best moment during this venture was when my friend Holly who is small, apparently to small to make it across the zipline by herself, and I went down a super long zipline together and our classmates, Felix, Kaden, Ryan, and Fin, convinced the instructor to dunk us in the lake. At High Life we had a really great time and hope to do something similar in the future.








Favourite Place We Stayed:


  Now, on a trip like this one no one was expecting a five star hotel. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t have some pretty awesome accommodations. During the trip we stayed in three different resorts one of which was KOA a resort located in Warrenton Oregon. We spent our first two nights there swimming in their outdoor pool, enjoying pancakes, and our cabins. That was my personal favourite stay of the trip.









Favourite Nature Experience:


  My favourite nature experience is so had to choose so I’m leaving it at that, I can’t choose. We went to multiple beaches, The Northwest Trek, Fort Stevens, not to mention every single time we stepped outside the bus, the nature that surrounded us was breathtaking. We saw a huge monolith, beautiful beaches, animals of any and almost every kind found on the northwest coast. We ventured into Forrest, tidal zones in which we got wet, and of course the occasional grey whale. The Oregon Coast is beautiful and breathtaking.







Favourite Quest:


  If you’ve ever heard of geocaching, you know how fun it is when those supervising you, trust you to go off into nature, around bay fronts, estuaries, and even closed and repurposed military bases. We did each and every one of these things, but why? Because throughout the Oregon coast, certain places provide questing opportunities. Questing is simply a group of 4-5 people using clues to solve the mystery at hand. For us, the mystery was where a small tupperware box with a stamp in it was hidden. After we used all the clues to find the box we had to make it back to our teachers before the designated amount of time was up. My favourite quest was the very last one of the trip. At our campground, my group ( Grace, Rhiann, Felix, and Fin, ) and I were the only group to solve the puzzle. The final answer got us the win. This was my favourite quest because not only did we accomplish something no one else did, but we also had so much fun doing it.









  To conclude on a high, in Oregon I had one of the best times of my life and experienced something that I am so lucky to be a part of. Down below is a virtual book my class was assigned to make in Oregon. It goes day by day and is filled with all the pictures you could think of.




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