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Celebration and festivals

Hello everyone welcome to my new blog this one is about the title its to long to type out so look at the title.

Lets talk about Christmas, this by far is the best Holliday ever its the most celebrated Holliday its the best Holliday, its just godly. My family celebrated Christmas like any other family but we make it way more fun. Example is when we make a gingerbread houses we make it like a race, we have a timer and we go to different stores and try to get candy and a cool gingerbread houses but of course we have to stay in budget. This year because of Covid-19 we still went out with of course with a mask on, the one thing that was a problem was actually finding a hacking gingerbread house, i think they were all sold out because of kids getting bores in there house so all the family’s got gingerbread houses. The good thing was we did find like a star fighter that we turned into a house and guess who one I DID when it was a tie but i think i won. 

The best feeling ever is walking down the stairs to find gift on gift its literally the best feeling ever. When it comes down to the last gift its always the best one, this year i got an XBOX series S the second best XBOX. I also got some supreme stuff also some G-Fuel which is the best drink ever. 

We keep talking about gifts and all of that but one of my favourite things to is family and food family a little more. This year it really did not feel the same with out family it just felt different like a bad different, don’t get me wrong it was still great but i really love having family over on Christmas Eve and day.  

Now we are on to be making a special Christmas poem 

I like to see Christmas 

I like to see the stocking 

I like to see the gifts 

I like to see bellls 

I like to see trees 

And i like to see Santa looking at me!

This poem is about what makes me feel nostalgic like the bells or gifts. 

Anyway thank you for reading my blog bye