Escape Sepaus

Escape Sepaus 

Hello everyone and welcome back to the first blog of grade 9 and its about scimatics and of course it is a game board project.

We started of as usual just learning about exponents getting the hang of it by watching videos and learning with my new teacher that we got this year to help Mr. Gross, oh his name is Mr.Harris.

Project and milestones 

So this project begin with writing ideas on this whiteboard and it was just help us on what we could do. In this project we got to pick are own project  ideas so we could make any game bored but it has to include exponents so we decided to make a game bored of are friend Sepaus its the best project you will ever see its the most proud I have ever seen.  so basically you can see its a game bored as a life size comparison of his beautiful body. So the way we started is we were brain storm but the first game bored decided was very basic and bad but we started to think more and we landed on Sepaus’s beautiful body. 

Evidence of your learning 

So this section s basically want your milestones are and all of that, so the first milestone was dice games and tat was the first or second day of school and we went into groups and we wrote on a white bored and made a little game out of dice and audition the multiplication and division that was pretty easy then we went into the first game rule which all we had to do was submit are first well game rules and that could have been bad good or even horrible but we just had to enter it in to Showbie. Are next milestone was a kyan academy quiz which you had to get 80% or high then you pass and yet i got 80% which is not horrible at all i got a sun ☀️. The next milestone was game rules two and that the same thing as the first one but it had to be the final thing becuase that s the game rules that your going to show people and all of that. Then the last milestone was the final project which went very well actually we got a sun and it was very fun to play. 

These are all of the picture that we has took.

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