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Correlation V.S. Causation

Welcome to the second project of Scimatics 2021. This is this is my recap of the Correlation v.s. Causation project. The driving question for this project is: What is the difference between correlation and causation? I will answer this question… Continue Reading →

Take Our Kids To Work Day

Take Our Kids To Work Day is a national event where parents take their kids to work. 250,000 student participate each year. For my day, I didn’t have any parents work place to go to because one of my parents… Continue Reading →

People and The Environment Summative Post

How do people and the environment affect each other? This is the question we set out to answer on Wednesday, September 8th. We were introduced to the project on the first day back to school and we began with the… Continue Reading →

Exponent Laws Game Reflection Blogpost

Hello people and welcome back to the blog that you didn’t ask for but got anyway(and totally enjoy)! Today, we will be going over the first project we have done in our PLP 9 year, a Scimatics project about exponent… Continue Reading →

Comic Cells Reflection

Welcome to the final reflection of the year. This reflection will be on one of the most fun projects I have done, Comic Cells. In this project we were tasked with making a comic book about a virus, disease, or… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Design Challenge

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another reflection on our most recent project. In this project, we were supposed to use tinkercad.com to create a 3D model of a real life object and maximize it for surface area or volume. Here… Continue Reading →

Chemistry Coding Blog Post

The school system has finally given us back the extremely fun class that is Scimatics. This is the first project we have done in quarter 4, and it was a fun one. We were tasked with coding a game or… Continue Reading →

The More Things Change Reflection Post

What Did European Settlement Mean For All The People Involved? This was the question we set out to answer on Monday, March 29. We planned to answer this through an infographic that would document continuities and changes since the time… Continue Reading →

Final Student Blogging Challenge Reflection Post

You thought that I was done torturing you with my bad blog posts, but you were wrong! I am here to reflect on the blog posts that I have created as a result of this challenge.   Personally, I think… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination Summative Post

Hello and welcome back. Today I will be telling you about the International challenge that we participated in. This challenge is called Destination Imagination. Thousands of people around the world participate in a variety of challenges intended to solve a… Continue Reading →

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