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November 2020

Fractions Of Your Time Summative Post

We have entered a new era. Not one like the past, of thought provoking questions about society, and not one like the future where we have more thought provoking questions about society. An era of the present. An era, where… Continue Reading →

Untitled, Chapter 3

Hello everyone. This is chapter three of untitled. I won’t tell you to much about this chapter. But I hope you like cliffhangers, because you’re gonna have to get used to them. Here you go. Enjoy. When we look back… Continue Reading →

The Medium Is The Message Final Reflection Post

Hello all and welcome back to another reflection post. In this post I will be recounting everything I’ve done since my last reflection post, which I will leave a link to here. To start I will tell you about… one… Continue Reading →

Untitled, Chapter 2

🎶guess who’s back🎶 🎶back again🎶 🎶i am back🎶 🎶tell a friend🎶 Hi! Here is another chapter of the amazing, UNTITLED!!! Yeah I’m taking suggestions in the comments. Enjoy!     We are trained. Honed. Perfected. Whittled away until there is… Continue Reading →

The Gospel According to Larry(this review contains spoilers)

[in dead pan] Hello again and welcome back to my blog!… I’m gonna stop pretending anyone reads this but here we go again with another reflection! So for the past three weeks, our class had to read a book called… Continue Reading →

The Medium is the Message Reflection

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the amazing I Have No Idea What To Call This Blog! [pauses for applause] [crickets] Okay whatever. So this is my mid project reflection post on our first project in our 2020 humanities year,… Continue Reading →

Untitled, Chapter 1

Hi guys, and welcome to the best bad blog ever!! This is the first chapter of a short story that I am going to start on my blog. Hope you all enjoy!   This world is changing. Warping. Evolving. Driving… Continue Reading →

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