🤔Death By Paint Fumes🤔

Helllllllo people of the world! Welcome back to the blogging challenge, day seven. In this challenge, we have to create a story based on random emojis. This is going to be a struggle, but I hope you enjoy this weird and wacky story…

Here’s my story:

Once upon a time there was a man named Larry. He was a very ordinary man with a very ordinary life.

Every day Larry went to work at the supermarket. But he was not content with his life. Larry soon became sad thinking about how ordinary and boring his life was.

Because of that, he decided ‘Be gone, boring life’. Larry put his foot down and planned to take a trip to England, using the funds of his long-lost grandmother.

Because of that, he decided he wanted to become a great artist after seeing all the amazing art that England had to offer. He began to fantasize about becoming a famous artist. But first, he figured he must practice in order to to become an amazing painter. So, when he got home from his trip to England, he went out and bought all the art supplies a famous painter would need (using his long-lost grandmother’s funds of course).

Because of that, he began to develop his painting skills. He soon became well known in the art world. But, then…out of nowhere, he began to feel light-headed, he had stomachaches day and night. He always felt like throwing up; however, instead of addressing this issue, Larry just pushed it off to the side and continued his painting career.

But soon, the headaches and the stomachaches becomes too much for poor Larry. So, he decided it was time to visit the doctor. But, sadly, it was too late for little Larry. He had left the symptoms unchecked for too long. He died while the doctor was still taking notes…apparently Larry had died from ingesting too many paint fumes! Oh, how unfortunate this is…

But this story has a happy ending! So, after poor little Larry died, he was so very sad. His spirit was so sad that he had missed out on all the wonderful experiences that life had to offer. In the end, he simply decided to embody a camel and travel the world, one of his many secret ambitions.


Hehe, whelp…there goes my mind, making up random stories about Larry dying of paint fumes. This was a super fun post to write! Anyhow, I hoped you enjoyed this funky post! Please stay tuned for more (funky?) posts coming soon!

Best wishes,

P.S. Here’s my list of emojis that I had to use when writing my story:

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