The Sadness of the Last Day :(

What’s up y’all? Well, maybe I shouldn’t start this post in such a happy manor…today marks the day of a very sad day…today is the last student blogging challenge post *dramatic sad music plays*. Anyhow, today’s post will be looking back at some of my favourite student blogging posts that I have done. I will be saying where I think I had First Attempts In Learning (which means to FAIL), and where I think I did the best. Throughout this post, I will be sharing where I think I took the most risks. I will also be sharing my thoughts on how I think I improved as a writer, and as a learner. 

Here, I talked about worldview. For more info about that (it’s a hugggggge topic) you can check out my specific blog post here, or you can visit this website to get and overview about worldview. Again, like the post before it, I applied my knowledge of worldview because, once again, in the project we were doing whilst I was writing this post, we were learning about worldview. 

Below is the picture that I put in that post:

Next up is my favourite post that we were prompted to do…we had to create a story out of emojis (my post was called Death By Paint Fumes). It sounds weird, and it was weird…which is why I loved it! We were taken to this really cool website that randomly generated emojis. We were then told to take those emojis and make a story out of them. I really like this post because we got to think on our feet and come up with a funky story.

Below are the emojis that I had to use when creating my story:

This next one is pretty cool. In this post, we got to do whatever we wanted to. This could be from a journal entry to reviews to a reflections about really anything. For this post, I chose to write a letter to my future self, explaining what’s happening in my life right now. I think this one was fun because I added a little bit of humour. I also feel like I did a pretty good job recounting my life right now.

This is my letter that I wrote to my future self:


Overall, I think that I learned some very important writing skills. The most important ones that I practiced were the 6 plus1 writing traits. The 6 plus 1 writing traits are as follows: 

I think that I could have gone a little bit more in-depth with all of my posts. I also think that I could have made all of my Student Blogging Challenge posts more consistent in their appearance and writing.

I think one of my posts that didn’t go so well was the ✨Just Vibing✨ one. I think that I could have gone more in-depth because I have very little writing. Also, I think I could have added in more media than I did.

I think a post where I took a lot of risk was my Death By Paint Fumes post. I really this it was a risk to get a random prompt to write about. I mean, one of my friends got a caterpillar, a high five, a bee, a snake, a turkey/chicken leg, and a smiley face. You can check out Brooks’s post here. 

Anyhow, thank you for sticking with me throughout all of my Student Blogging Posts! It has been quite an adventure and I hope you will continue on this journey throughout the rest of my posts!

Best wishes,


P.S. Here are all the challenges that we did!

Day 1 – About Me page

Day 2 – Commenting Guidelines

Day 3 – Embedding content

Day 4 – Fun with photos

Day 5 – Appearances and widgets – This wasn’t a post, but we had to add widgets to our blog

Day 6 – Music

Day 7 – Emojis

Day 8 – Blogging like a boss – Again, this wasn’t a post, it was a quick look at our summative blogging skills (we write a blog at the end of every project)

Day 9 – Holidays

Day 10 – Free choice!

Day 11 – And lastly, the post you have been reading…this post! So go ahead and tap on this link to read this amazing post allll over again…

P.P.S. That was Makenna’s 🔥amazing🔥idea for the end so go check out her blog😁

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