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Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! In recent, we have been working on a Maker 9 project called vibrant video. I learned so much about angles, lighting, storyboarding, how to write a treatment and logline, how to build out a script, how to voice over things in iMovie, and a lot more which you can read about in the post below.

To start off we learned about editing. We did this by learning how to better use an app called Clips. We had used it in the past, but it was on a much smaller scale. Throughout the entire project, we would come back to use clips for various reasons. But for the first assignment, we were asked to create a short about me video that showed off our interests and/or a hobby. I chose to do mine on Irish dancing. We were given specific parameters. For example: we had to use at least one effect, we had to use titles, and we had a to add some of the background music that was provided within clips it’s self. 

In this first assignment, I think something that I really took away was adding audio that enhanced the video. In the entire project, we would make many videos that used audio. I think that this first part helped me learn the do’s and don’ts when adding audio to a film. It also taught me about using audio to enhance a video and add to it. You can check out the about me video I made below ⬇️ 

Now, throughout this entire project, we had been taking notes on the history of film. We started off with more history. For example, what the first motion picture was, who first invented it, etc. we then moved on to more modern day things. Like special effects, CGI, etc. We had three sets of lectures all of which we were frantically taking notes. You can check out the notes that I took below ⬇️

So the reason that I mentioned the notes we took is because one of the assignments that we had to do was based off of us learning about silent films. We learned different ways that perspectives and angles played into the way that the silent films were viewed. We were encouraged to shoot using different perspectives and angles to enhance our movie. In Clips, we used the aged film filter and posters. We did this to enhance the movie with emotion and mood. This was also an assignment where we learned about adding music to enhance the movie. You can check out my silent video below ⬇️ 

After practicing and fine tuning those skills, we did a tutorial video. We chose to teach the viewers how to tie a shoe. This was really where the knowledge that we had built on angles came into use. Because for this assignment we had use the iMovie template that had lots of different angles. We had to use voice overs to explain what we were trying to teach to the audience which helped me improve on my tech skills. You can check out the swaggy tutorial video we made on how to tie you shoe laces below ⬇️

Next up, we started working on special effects. I think this might have been my favourite assignment because I think what we made is super funny and also I learned so much about green-screening and how to use my iPad to make some really cool edits. For this, we were asked to make a storyline that would be about 2 minutes when it was all filmed and edited. We spent a lot of time coming up with a good storyboard, treatment, and logline so that our end product would be the best that it could be. I think the film we made speaks for itself. You can check it out below ⬇️ 

And that concludes my reflection on the vibrant video project. I hoped you liked reading about my thoughts on this project. As you can tell, I learned so many new skills. Whether this was technical skills, teamwork, and history/interesting facts about the first motion pictures, etc. 3. Anyways, thanks again for reading this reflective post!

Best wishes,


P.S. Sorry to which ever teacher is reading this that it was handed in late. I had it done I just forgot to add the link…

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