Spring Exhibition 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Last night, we just finished out Spring Exhibition 2022. We had been working on this for a few weeks before the final debut last night. In this post, I will be taking you through everything that we did and what I learned from each thing. Hope you enjoy!

First off, we got our teams which we would be working with for the entire exhibition. Now, this was a joint exhibition for the 8’s and 9’s which means we worked together. So to start off, we got introduced to the 9’s on our team. I’d like to say a big thanks to Fraser, Ava, Ewan, Mickey, Sepaus, Ben, and Ariane. Without you guys, our room would have not been that same!

After we got our teams, we were given what part of the exhibition we were. We got beyond the classroom. Because PLP does so many field studies which are beyond the class room, it was one of the rooms that was given out. We started brainstorming with our teams some different things that we brain stormed. I think this was a good way to. get our creative juices flowing. I think at this point in the project, we all had different ideas and we needed to come together and try to figure out what were good ideas and which ones needed some revision. You can check out what we brainstormed below ⬇️ 

Next we actually started planning out our room, what we would have in it, what we would wear, who would be where, what people would eat, see, hear, etc. There was a lot what was happening and I’m still kinda confused on how we got everything done in time, but we did. We started with coming up with a story spine for our room. You can check that our below ⬇️ 

Bus entrance): Once upon a time… The PLP students got the opportunity to go on a field study which was an authentic experience
(Mailbox+feedback bulletin): Every day… They completed projects which included providing feedback and writing
(Forest): But one day… They arrived at Loon Lake which was an authentic experience
(Laser Tag + Archery) Because of that… They got to play laser tag and archery which was a teamwork experience
(Buffett) Because of that…They got to drink watered down orange juice which was an authentic experience
(Canoe Race) Until finally… They got to use teamwork to have races and play games
(Interviews) Ever since then… They got to have an authentic experience and use student agency to conduct  interviews for their documentaries and ads

We then started mapping out our room. You can see the rough draft of our room and then the final draft of our room below ⬇️ 

Rough draft
Final draft

We also then drew what we wanted each station to look like. To do this, we took pictures of our room and annotated where and how we wanted everything to look. You can check out the annotated pictures below ⬇️ 

I think that this part of the project, some might say the messy middle, was very useful to me in developing my planning and teamwork skills. We spent a lot of time together as a team which helped me get to know my teammates better. This in turn helped me work better with them to plan out our room. 

After we did all this planning, we needed a little feedback. We got the teachers to looker over our plan so far and give us some revisions. This is what they told us we needed to do:

After we got all that helpful feedback, we went to fixing whatever needed to be fixed. 

Next, we got introduced to our Grade 8’s who would be helping out with the room. Because our class times didn’t really overlap, we had to write them instructions and what we needed them to do. While this could be frustrating at times because we all knew what we were talking about, it was just hard to explain in writing, it definitely helped me learn how to communicate my ideas better. 

You can see us working with the Grade 8’s to create our exhibit below ⬇️ 

Finally, after all of that planning and hard work that was put in by everyone, we got to present our rooms to the world! You can check out some videos of the exhibition below ⬇️

Thanks so much for reading that post of the Spring 2022 Exhibition!

Best wishes,


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