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Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. Recently in PGP, we have been working on marketing ourselves. What does this mean? You might ask. Well basically we’ve been working on resumes, business cards, playing Uber games, filming interviews and everything in between. Throughout this post, I will be taking you on the journey of this project. I’ll be sharing the ups and downs of this project as well as what I enjoyed and what I didn’t enjoy. 

To start off the entire project, we did some career tests. I feel like this was a really fun and educational way to start off the project because it helped us think about some jobs that we might like going forward. Something that I’ve always wanted to do was becoming a lawyer. By doing these quizzes, I was able to see other jobs that might fit me that I had no clue existed. I got a lot of options in management so that’s something that I will keep with me. Below, you can see some of the results I got from these quizzes ⬇️ 

Next up, we chose our dream job and our realistic job. For my dream job, I chose becoming a professional volleyball player. For my realistic job, I chose becoming a lawyer. Then I did a bunch of research. I looked into both opportunities in order to find what universities/steps I would have to take in order to fulfill my goals. For example, I researched what university under grads and programs I would have to take to become a lawyer. I also researched what training programs and recruitment opportunities would be good for becoming a professional volleyball player. I learned a lot about how much work it actually takes to become a lawyer. Also, I learned about how much money it costs to go to universities. Below, you can check out my whole MindNode that I did on it. ⬇️ 

After doing this, we started working our resumes. I already had an existing resume but it definitely needed a little revamp. This part of the project let me do that. I spent a lot of time choosing a template that I thought would be able to fit all of my work experience in a format that I liked. I also wanted a template that I could customize to my liking. Eventually, I found a template that I was really happy with. I did two different versions of it. One with a head shot, and one without. I learned a lot about being able to write concisely and being able to sell myself. With these new resumes, I was able to hand them into different places that I want to work this summer. Below, you can check out both of my resumes ⬇️ 

Next, we worked on our business cards. I really like how the one I designed came out. I spent a lot of time picking out the right font, colour, writing, size, etc. In the end, I really liked this part of the project because I collaborated a lot with my friends so that I could make the best version of my business card. Below, you can check out my different business cards ⬇️ 

Finally, we did mock job interviews. While I had already been to several real interviews in the past, this helped me learn how to be more prepared in the future. Me and my partner Brooke spent a lot of time carefully picking out interview questions that we thought would be asked in a real interview in the future. We then spent a lot of time coming up with good and detailed answers. We came into school dressed professionally and ready to shoot. One thing that I took away from this interview is that it’s not professional to chew gum during an interview. I will keep that in mind going forward. Below, you can checkout our interview video ⬇️ 

A fun little activity we did which gave me a good insight in the struggles of making it in the gig economy was the Uber game. This was a simulation where you had to be an Uber driver and work for about a week. You had to make over $1000 to be able to pay your mortgage. The first time I tried to do this, I failed miserably. After doing it a second time though, I was able to get above the threshold. I think that it’s an unrealistic job unless you’re super determined to pursue this as full time employment. I feel like it would be a better if it was used to get a little extra cash in your spare time. Below, you can see some statistics from the game ⬇️ 

Overall, this project was super fun and useful. Now, I have a professional resume and business cards. Along the way, I picked up some skills for interviews in the future. I also learned about the gig economy and learned that that is not something that I want to pursue in the future. Thank you for reading this reflection on my latest PGP project!

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