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Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post. This blog post is going to be a tPOL. A tPOL is your transitional presentation of learning. The driving question for a tPOL is: Why do I feel I am ready to advance to the next grade? A quick answer would be something like “I feel I am ready to move on to Grade 11 because of the skills that I have learned in Grade 10”. However, I want to go more in-depth and really show my learning and growth as a learner. So, that is what I plan to do in this post.

To start off why don’t we re-visit my Learning Plan? I’m proud that I feel like I was able to reach each of my chosen year-end competencies for each subject. I think that by having my learning plan guide me throughout my year, I was able to set goals for myself. This boosted my sense of accomplishment and helped keep me motivated throughout the year. Some of the goals that I think I have completed from my Learning Plan are:

Humanities –

One of my goals was to grow my public speaking skills and to be more confident and direct toward my audiences. I feel like I did this through the project that was about Romeo and Juliet. The way that we did this was to read through the script with some context, and we did some reading in class. I was really nervous about reading the Shakespearean language, so I pushed myself to volunteer almost every time in class. I think that this helped me understand the dialogue a lot better because I was actually having to pay attention to what was being said as I was actively involved in the reading.

Another project which I think helped me reach my goal of growing my public speaking skills is the project that we presented at the exhibition. While it was for PGP, I think that it added to my goal in Humanities of improving my public speaking skills. Below, you can see some pictures of me and my project at the exhibition ⬇️

Maker –
One of my goals for Maker this year was to get better at creative thinking. A project that I think show’s me achieving this goal is the Disney World video that we made. When we got back from Florida, we realized that we had forgotten to get some of the crucial footage that we needed. So, we had to pivot. We re-shared our whole video and what we came up with was good, but not great. So then I decided to re-do our video again and focus specifically on one part of the video, the Tiki Room. In the end, this a project that I’m super proud of that I think that all of that pivoting that I did shows my ability to be flexible and think outside the box.

Another one of my goals for Maker was not to get frustrated when things aren’t perfect or don’t go exactly according to plan. The project that I’m talking about isn’t actually a project, but more of an extra assignment. The banquet video. Some of my group members said they would have thing’s done by a certain time, but then they didn’t actually get them done. And I, have a schedule and wanting to get everything done on time, was a little stressed out about this. In the end, though, I followed the phrase “Flexibility is a tourist trait” and we got everything sorted out. This was a good learning opportunity for me. I feel like I stayed a lot calmer then I would have in Gr 9 because of projects like this one and also the Power of Imagination one.

[put the video of the banquet video]


When I originally did my learning plan at the beginning of the year, I didn’t know what PGP was about. Because of this, I made a pretty vague statement about my learning intent. However, even though it was vague, I ended up doing exactly what I said that I wanted to do. Since I want to be a lawyer, I said something along the lines of “I want to research law programs and figure out what resources I will need to make it into law school”. I’m happy to say that I’ve done that through some research which I ended up organizing in a document.

Where have I had a FAIL?

I think a project where I had a major fail this year was the trend videos that we did when we went to Disney World. I feel like my planning and my prototypes were rushed and I could have definitely spent more time on them. If I could go back and change one think about that project, it would be that I would have spent more time preparing the storyboards/prototypes. While I’m still proud of the work that I produced, I really think that if I spent more time on the planning, my end products would have come out better.

Another project where I think that I had a fail was the Romeo and Juliet project. Specifically on the theme book part. I spent so much time on writing as much as I could because that’s what I thought extending for that project would be, that I feel like I missed the point of the assignment. Because I bit off more than I could chew, I ended up handing in the theme book two days late.

My favourite project this year

100% the Power of Imagination one. I mean, we got to go to Disney World. While this was super fun and it was our first real field study (I don’t really count Loon Lake), I feel like I got so much more of a real world understanding of the topics that we were being taught. And to be able to experience it first hand made my learning feel like it had a purpose behind it.

In the end, I think that I had a really good year. I had so much fun in all of my classes and I bonded with my classmates. I really enjoyed the work that we did and I’m super proud of everything that I did. While I feel like I did better on some projects than others, all of them taught me important things that I will apply in Grade 11 and beyond. Thank you so much for reading that long post on my tPOLS!

Best wishes,


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