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(or when you’re over 40). September has almost come to a close, and I had an excellent first month on the job at Cleveland. The days have gone by so quickly, and yesterday I was reminded that I had only one more day to learn all the names of the children in the school. Did […]

Do you encourage your child to read daily? Does your child see you reading every day? Do you surround your family with reading material? Are you a reading role model? Learning to read is one of the many important learning goals of any school, but we cannot do it alone. If a child only works […]

or “How come nobody told me…”  “How come nobody told me about the Professional Day?” (The next one is on October 21st, 2011.)  “How come nobody told me about the early dismissal?” (The next one is on October 4th, 2011.) “How come nobody told me that I had to sign up with PAC to be […]

Our School Library

September 27, 2011 | 1 Comment

Here is where people, One frequently finds,  Lower their voices  And raise their minds.  ~ Richard Armour       Have you visited a school library lately? Ours is fantastic. Cleveland’s library is home to many French and English books, as well as a collection of photos, pieces of art, a number of quotations (written […]

Today, our Grade 6 students are going up to the North Vancouver Outdoor School in Paradise Valley, Brackendale, British Columbia. They will be there for 5 days and 4 nights, and are going with Mme. Power and Ms. McIntyre. Outdoor education is essential in educating our children to be stewards of our planet and in […]

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