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Poetry Evening

April 12, 2014 | Leave a Comment

This past Thursday evening, thanks to the leadership of two teachers and a book store owner, as well as with the help of a number of other individuals, Cleveland Elementary was home to Words in the Woods, a celebration of poetry. Thank you Mme Santarosa and Mme Berry for inspiring our young poets, and this […]

Are you ready for Spring? Thanks to Emma (grade 1), her mother and father, and our Edible Garden team (students and teachers), we will be ready soon. We have our plants getting ready to grow in our front hallway. When they are ready, they will be moved to the courtyard planters. We are looking forward […]

At Cleveland Elementary, some classes have been allowed to make use of personal electronic devices to support learning and organizing. It has been seen as something that is more suitable for grade 7’s . Ava, a grade 4 student, has written a persuasive essay arguing for students in all classes to be allowed to bring […]

This afternoon I found myself spending a fair bit of my time in Mme Cusanelli’s class. This is a grade 2 class, and they were having fun. Her students were doing fish printing, and I stayed and helped. I took some pictures and even got my hands a dirty by helping out with the printing […]


November 19, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Schools have a lot of assemblies over the course of a year. Our last assembly was for Remembrance Day, and it was special. The students in many classes contributed to the assembly, and, with support of many teachers, our students did an excellent job. The highlights included: Oh Canada sang by all students (in French […]

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