The Stones are Moving

IMG_7651A couple of days ago, I observed a class outside working on their creative writing in our school’s courtyard. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and students were spread out under the canopy of leaves that create wonderful shady spots. I decided to go out and see how things were going.

Their teacher was editing work with students on one of the courtyard benches, while other students were being creative in their own unique ways.

As I was walking among the writers, I pondered the mystery of our garden stones. Until recently, the stones were all lined up nicely along the paths. When I came in, the stones were strewn about.

“I wonder how these stones keep moving?” I asked aloud.

Today, I found out why the stones moved. The class took my comment and created many wonderful short stories, and several of them came to read their stories to me today. Thanks to Robert, Finn, Daniella, Arian, Ali, McKenzie and Sasha for sharing with me today. The stories were wonderful, and a little bit mysterious. Sorry, I won’t share why the stones are moving. You will have to ask the kids.

Take care

Bike Week 2015

IMG_7606Our 5th annual Bike Week is here. We were so very pleased to see over 200 cyclists make their way to school this morning by bike. We are also please to see how many volunteers and sponsor organizations are helping make this week a success.

We remind everyone to always wear a properly fitted bike helmet when riding a bike.

Please be mindful and cautious when you see cyclists on the road. We are teaching the students road safety, but we would like to remind our drivers to be extra vigilant when driving. Let’s make sure that we have no accidents, and that everyone is safe.

Take care

Grade 3’s at Cheakamus Centre

IMG_6925I went up to see our grade 3’s at the Cheakamus Centre yesterday, and there were a lot of happy children there. I arrived in time to see some students out bird watching, others painting by the river, and others feeding the chickens and goats. I stayed and enjoyed a “quiet” dinner with approximately 100 grade 3’s. Very enjoyable.

Our students are so lucky to get an opportunity to visit the Cheakamus Centre, which includes programs like the Outdoor School (for primary and intermediate) and the Bighouse. It is truly a gem.

The grade 3’s will arrive home tomorrow after school, with stories to tell and a bit of dirty laundry to clean. They will also have memories to last a life time. Please ask them to share all the wonderful stories with you, and have them read their journals.

Take care

IMG_7209 IMG_7094 IMG_7154

D.A.R.E. at Cleveland

On Friday afternoon, our grade 5 students had their D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony with Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable C. Rockhill. Thanks to the RCMP for supporting the D.A.R.E. program in our school.

The assembly started off with the grade 5 class entering the gym and taking a seat of honour at the front of the gym. Their parents, classmates and teachers were all in attendance.

Oh Canada was played by a group of grade 5 students, and conducted by Mitchell. Well done Alice, Sara, Edward, Eric, and Ava.

After some initial introduction by some adults, we were delighted to hear some wonderful presentations by students in grade 5. Thank you to the following students who were willing to speak to a gym full of people and share their ideas and projects: Dominic, Lilly, Lucy, Lucy, Finn, Claire, Raha and Lauren.

For more information on D.A.R.E., please visit D.A.R.E.B.C.‘s web site.

Thanks as well to all our teachers who help Cleveland students by providing opportunities to take part in a variety of programs that help teach good decision making skills and help students find it within themselves to be successful and caring people.

Take care

Excellence in Public Speaking – Poetry Edition

On Thursday, May 7th, two grade 7 girls presented Words in the Woods, an evening dedicated to poetry. It was a wonderful evening, featuring over 40 student presenters reading their own poetry or poems that inspired them.

Last year, we had a similar evening that was very successful and was enjoyed by everyone. It was not in our plans to have the event take place again this year, however, we did not count on the determination of a couple of grade 7 girls.

Thank you Diba and Sydney, for putting on this wonderful event. Thanks as well to Mme Santarossa for assisting these girls in making this a great night.

Thank you to all of our Cleveland participants: Lyndsay, Cassandra, Cameron, Grace, Ryan, Kobi, Chris, Max, Duncan, Connor, John, Georgia, Lauren, Anna, Charlotte, Elias, Maddi, Tessa, Brennen, Donatella, Alyssa, Nika, Oliver, Josh, Simon, Zoe, Lilliana, Krista, Amalie, Charlotte, Claire, Cayden, Hana, Lizzy, Ava, Murray, Dreya, Gordie, Ben, Finn and Graham. I would also like to extend my thanks to two Handsworth Secondary students who participated in this event; Andrew and Nicola.

Thanks as well to all the student volunteers who helped make this event happen; Sarah, Oliver, Cameron, Cassandra, Grace, Cole, Matthew, Justin, Aria, AJ, and Michelle.

This was an inspiring evening and it was enjoyed by everyone.

Take care