Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. We started out the year with a little bit of snow on the ground, but it appears to have mostly melted by now. The freshly fallen snow looked great this morning, and I forgot to get a picture. :(

It was a great day at school today, and I was able to visit every classroom today and say hello to all our students and staff. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful learning activities that will be happening in term two.

Take care

Hoodies are Here

2015-12-02 13.45.25Our grade 7 students are happy today. Their hoodies arrived and we now have 55 students all dressed alike.

Thank you to all the parents and who helped the grade 7’s get their hoodies ordered and handed out. They look great.

Thank you Ben and Luke for volunteering for the picture.

Take care

Another Successful Fire Drill

2015-11-26 13.54.50Today we had another fire drill at Capilano Elementary School. Every school year we are required to complete 6 fire drills and 3 other emergency drills. This was our third drill of the 2015-2016 school year.

I am pleased to say that the students have done a great job following the expected behaviours during all of our fire drills. We are able to evacuate the school in a timely manner, and students moved in a safe and orderly fashion.



For Capilano parents, please pass along our thanks to your child (or children) for their cooperation in our drills this year. They are doing a great job and we appreciate it.

Take care


We Had Power

2015-11-18 07.36.52This morning, at a rather early hour, I heard from our school board that several schools in North Vancouver did not have any power and would not be open. “What about Capilano?” they asked.

I checked. We had power, and we were fine to open. This was not the story for many of our public schools, as they had no power (and thus, no heat), so they remained closed.

Last night’s wind storm did leave its mark on our school grounds. Our grounds were covered with broken branches. The gravel field looked green, while the lower playgrounds had branches all over the place. We were able to do some clean up before school, and at recess we had a lot of help.

We closed part of the lower playground for recess, and reminded students to be mindful of all the debris on the field and playground. If they wanted to do something, they were invited to help us during recess to move all the debris to one of the many piles that were already in place. Many children helped, and our grounds were quickly cleared.

Thanks to all the students who did their part in helping to clean our playground. It was nice to see all the happy faces as they volunteered their time to help us out. Great work.

For those of you without power today, our thoughts are with you. We hope you get power soon.

Take care