The medium is the message protect reflection

Project ✏️

We are doing a project called “the medium is the message”. The driving question for this project is “what does what we see hear and read influence us”. I like that question because it is very open ended and relevant, it invites you to think about it and makes you want to learn more. 

Launch 🚀 

At the beginning of the project we got into the launch phase, we thought about the question in class and we did the first milestone: welcome home. Welcome home was the name of an advertisement for apple’s new “home pod mini” . In the ad there was a woman who looked like she was down because of work and over all sad. When she got home she asked her “Home pod mini to play her some music, she started dancing and looked visibly happier. We analyzed the video and talked about it in class. We also got into our groups and picked a local business to design and make an ad for. Which sounded really cool!

Building knowledge 💡

Would group decided that we where doing Deep Cove Music for our business we started working on gathering information on our business. We also started Milestone 2, it was called historical media Analysis. We chose a piece of Media and analyzed it using our newly learned skills of media analysis. After that we worked more on media types and advertising techniques and persuasion in advertising, that was really interesting to learn about because all my life I’ve seen ads everywhere, sometimes I understood them or wanted to get The product and sometimes I didn’t understand them. Now whenever I  see an ad on the street or wherever I look it over and analyze it in my head. In milestone 3 we did a historical advertisement analysis where we picked an ad from sometime before we where born and analyzed it, this was very similar to milestone 2 but it was and ad not just any media and we where now better at this kind of thing. It was fun to break down an ad like that and interesting to se the types of old advertisements.

Develop and critique 🔁

We made our ads for our business and worked to perfect them this took a lot of time, communication from our group and going back and forth between project phases. We are still doing that now. I also did milestone 4  which is what I’m doing right now (a reflection), be are always going back and forth.

Conclusion 📝

I have enjoyed this project very much so far and I think it is a very interesting and cool topic, hopefully we can get our advertisements out there and finish everything.

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