The medium is the message summative post

The Medium is the Message.

I loved this project. It made sense, it was contextual, there was lots of examples and it was relevant. All the milestones taught me things I didn’t know before, I didn’t know much about comprehending text or anything about taking a good historical perspective on text or ads (which where competencies for the comprehending text milestones) the second half of the milestones where more about designing Text and  designing solutions for problems. I knew about some of that before but I now know a lot more on how to that more provisionally. I really like that kind of thing and I want to learn more techniques on how to improve. Throughout I learned Avery thing I now know about advertising and marketing which is very important in 2020.

This project started like every other PLP project, with a driving question. That driving question is: “How does what we hear, read and see influence us?” That question started lot of discussion in class and it was very intriguing. To answer this question we read a book, we made a public advertisement and we read McLuhan (who is and old professor) text that was meant for grade 12 of even university. In milestone one we got introduced to advertising and marketing by looking at an Apple advertisement called welcome home. We went through the project looking into the “medium is the message” (which is the the name of the project) and started figuring out what that meant. We went deeper into what medium is and we went deeper into what message is.

Here is the welcome home ad:

In milestones 1-3 we where learning about advertisements and advertising techniques and appeals. In milestones 4–6 we learned about McLuhan (the old professor) and his quote and theory “The medium is the message” and what that means. As it turns out the medium and the message also relates to the book we read “The Gospel According to Larry” which is about a teenaged boy who wants to change the world… and than does change the world. He makes a website a becomes a anonymous blogger, soon people from all overt the world are reading his blog and he becomes famous. During the second half of this project we designed made and critiqued and advertisement for a local business (in groups) and that helped us learn about advertising and our driving question and how to answer it. I have another post on my reflection of this project go here so see it. To sum things up this is my opinion on the question

Here are the phases our ad for Deep Cove Music went through:

“What Does What we Read, See and Hear Influence us?” In our world of 2020 everything that we recognize effects us in some way, may it be the water fountain at school or the billboard at the mall, it’s all changing something about our day and our decisions. For the billboard it’s someone who wanted to get you to but something from them, so they made an image that would try to convince you to us it from them. There are so many ads in our daily life that half of the time you dont even notice them, but their still there. That is consumerism as the book describes it. Humans have evolved to be what we are today, our brains are capable of so many things and its going crazy fast to make sense of it all. Now whenever I read, see or hear something (usually and ad) I begin to analyze it. Anything we read she or hear can change our lives, big changes or small. It could make you buy a milkshake or it could make you move to the Bahamas and start a family. My sister went to Las Vegas (pre covid) and she couldn’t believe how many ads and lights and things that where trying to get your attention. Modern times are crazy and you have to be aware of everything you read, click on, scroll to, and listen to.

That was my opinion on this project and that is for reading!

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  1. emaxwell December 9, 2020 at 3:24 pm |

    You are right! Learning and understanding that medium does impact the message I think is really important in 2020! I’m glad that you found this project relevant Declan, and looks like you created some awesome ads with your team keeping in mind your client and techniques you use in advertising. Nice work with this reflection! Looking forward to seeing what else you create this year!


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