Fractions of my time

Hello again and welcome to my blog! If you didn’t know, I’m Declan and this is my school blog page. I hope you enjoy.

Introduction and what I learned

We just finished a simatics project called fractions of your time, the project was about how much screen time we have in a week and in a day and compare that to non screen time things like sleep and exercise. The driving question for the project was “How much of our time is screen time?” That question can be answered by recording your time and putting it on a chart, which is what we did. We recorded our screen time and some other things like sleep or time in the car for a week and we made a “smart chart” with the numbers app and put in some graphs to see the visual percentages.

In this project I learned a lot about the spreadsheets app and how fractions work in “real” context. I think I did a pretty good job of learning the curricular competencies and I liked how it all went into learning about something important: our screen time. Everything in this project was really important in my opinion.

Curricular competencies

These are the 3 competencies we learned in this project:

  1. Applying and innovating

I used this skill by working on my math with my classmates and my table partner. We helped each other and got the answers. In the tower building I helped my teem come up with ideas and helped problem solving.

  1. Understanding and solving

I used this skill by learning and tracking my devices, screen time vs non screen time and bus time. I made good looking charts and a rainbow table. I worked hard on the layout and orientation and I practiced my presentation.

  1. Communicating and representing


“How much of our time is screen time?” That is the driving question. The answer (in my opinion) is….. drum roll pleeeaas….. to much! Well, it actually depends who you are, where you are and what you have access to. But generally its probably to much. For me its about 57 hours a week on average and 6.5 hours a day on average. That’s not a ton (compared to the rest of my class), but it’s not great.


I really enjoyed this project and I learned a lot of valuable things about both fractions and my screen time. It was really fun and I liked presenting.

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