Worldview drawing

Hi! I’m Declan, and this is my blog.

Recently we’ve (my classmates and I) have been working on a project about worldview. Worldview is:

Worldview (noun): a collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or group; the lens through which the world is viewed by an individual or group; the overall perspective from which the world is interpreted.

I’m writing this blog to practice embedding images into my blog and so I’m going to talk about this image and how it relates to my worldview. 

This is a drawing I made on my iPad of a person about 3/4 of the way sticking out of a building and another person on the ground waving up, It has a sad tone to it with the cloud and the grey/black shade. Now, when I drew this I didn’t make it for this project, just for the sake of drawing, so I’m not fully prepared to to link it to my worldview.

There are 7 aspects of a worldview: society, economy, knowledge, time, geography, beliefs and values. I think all pf them are linked buy the picture mostly relates to society, I’m not against any other opinions at all because like I said I didn’t draw this for a specific aspect so feel free to comment your opinions on what you think it is. I think it is society because the building and the distance makes it feel lonely and separated. People in society over the last 10-15 years has becoming a lot more detached and isolated because of technology. I am in high school so I’ve grown up with this happening and technology has been a big part of my life and thats what I can relate to.

Again, if you want to comment and share your opinion feel free to, and thanks for reading. -Declan

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