National Competition

In PLP (the school program I’m in) we compete in a world-wide competition called “destination imagination” or D.I. This competition is designed to test a teams teamwork and creativity, there are two types of challenges for DI, team category challenge and the team instant challenge. The categories for the category challenges are, Technical (the one I did), fine arts, science, and engineering. These categories decide the type of challenge you get.

As I noted my I was in the Technical group, our challenge was basically to creat a video of a video game, showing and representing the different aspects of the video game. This competition grew really important to our class and was really fun. Although it was technically a project it didn’t follow the typical PLP “standards for a project, It didn’t have a solid Driving question or Competencies so I can’t really talk about that like normal.

I think our Group worked really well and had good teamwork, we where able to assign different roles and parts to different people which really helped us in the long run. since it was a video presentation (because of COVID) everybody had to learn their parts and that made a sort of reliance on yourself and your teammates. Here is our final solution:

We also did a short Q and A video going in depth and explains some of the features you might not pick up on from the solution video:

I learned a lot about being a part of a team and what you have to do help make your team as successful as you can. Through the beginning of the project we had to brainstorm and collect ideas and build on them as a team which we needed a lot of trust and patience for.

Over all I think our whole team and class learned a lot, and this was a definite experience for us. Thanks for reading -Declan

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