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This is this is my recap of my latest project Chemistry Stories. The driving question for this project is: How do the electron arrangements of atoms determine the chemical and physical properties of elements and compounds? I will answer this question at the bottom of my post.  

Project overview

This project was called “Chemistry stories” and in this project we were to create an animated video about chemical bonding. We would be using keynote to create the animation and then voiceovers would be added in a separate app like iMovie. Then the final video would be presented to the class.

Project start mind map

As per usual, we started this project off with a mind map to organize all our questions, knowledge and thoughts on the project. I added a part for some questions and what I already knew about atoms and matter.

At the end of this project we also added to the mind map things that we learned from the project. I answered as many questions as I could that I came up with at the beginning of the project.

The project

We did a fun little experiment called “Investigation 2A” in this project where we got to see some chemical reactions up close and personal. But before we did the experiment, we practised creating an animation by showing the steps that we would be doing. We used keynote to create the short animation and I used the instant alpha feature to take stock images and turn them into moving pieces for the animation.

We also did quite the bulk of workbook pages to further learn about this new thing called ionic and covalent bonds and how they are formed. We also learned about writing chemical formulas and learning how to say the names of different covalent compounds.

And as per proper video composition, we created storyboards to help us plan out what we would be putting into the animation;

Driving question

How do the electron arrangements of atoms determine the chemical and physical properties of elements and compounds?

I have to say that the best answer to this question would be the animation video itself as it talks about the attraction of the atoms based on their electron arrangements. So without further ado, here is the final product;

Curricular Competencies

Processing and Analyzing: Construct, analyze and interpret models and/or diagrams

My story boards had accurate Bohr diagrams and semi clearly showed the processes of ionic and covalent bonding. I think I demonstrated an acceptable understanding of chemical bonding. I could’ve done better at articulating my ideas into my mind map and more importantly my storyboard.

Questioning and Predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest

My Project Start Mind Map shows how I can display my prior knowledge and prepare for new evidence. The Investigation 2A Lab Report showed that I can form a reasonable hypothesis using what I already know. I demonstrated an accomplished level of understanding with this milestone. My storyboard was well thought out and accurately showed snapshots of what would take place in the animation.

Communicating: Formulate physical or mental theoretical models to describe a phenomenon

My models are complete and correct. My voiceovers are pretty clear and synced with my animation. I feel I demonstrated an emerging level in this competency.


So this project definitely expanded my knowledge of atoms and the different things that they can do. In conclusion this project was quite cool and I think that I did a pretty good job overall.

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