Β Hi there welcome to another blog post. In this post I am going to talk about my humanities 8 project this Changes everything: Middle Ages. The competencies being assessed for English is What literacy skills did I use to read, listen, and view texts that we studied for understanding?Β And for social studies How are lives and conditions alike over time, and how have they changed? Our final product was a presentation about continuity and change. Let me show you the milestone I did to get to my presentation.Β 

For milestone one I had to write a literacy plan. This was a plan on how we were going to read a book on time and get our work done. This book was the book of the lion. The Book of the Lion is a adult novel by American writer Michael Cadnum, the second of his novels. Situated at the intersection of historical fiction and adventure writing, The Book of the Lion tells the story of Edmund, a young English man making his way in the world. Two knights rescue Edmund from punishment as a counterfeiter before persuading him to join Richard the Lionheart’s crusade in the Holy Land. In the narrative that follows, Edmund attempts to come to grips with the contradictions in human behaviour, chiefly the coexistence of compassion and extreme cruelty. Edmund and his story are fictional, but Richard I’s crusades were a real series of historical events. Cadnum’s novel is notable for his attempt to provide a somewhat critical reading of a highly mythologized period of English history.

The second milestone was a caricature letter. We got to make our own caricature and it had to have a role in the Middle AgesΒ 

September 13 1195 Lord Andreas Great Yarmouth Dear randy, Let me introduce my self to you. My name is Lord Andreas I live in Great Yarmouth as of now it is a very cold rainy night . I am in need of your help. I have heard about some rumours including one about a revolution. The last thing we want is king Richard to be dethroned by measly peasants. I have sent this to you and many other knights for there help. The second rumour going around is that other countries want to take us down and start a war they have started advancing there weapons and are making more boats to get to us. Well it might not be necessary for me to notify as many knight as I know we must not take risks. We must keep this secret. If need be I can meet you on the other side of the great mountain ranges of south England. There we can meet at a safe house. If you can let other knights know that would be very helpful. I will send a messenger to you about this location you can give him any message.. Sincerely yours, Lord Andreas Comparison I think that there were several differences and similarities with me and my caricature. I think that one of the more obvious differences was the wealth. Lords owned lots of land and I don’t. They were wealthy and powerful compared to me. I think that the biggest similarity’s were that that caricature was basically me but I was a lord.

Milestone 3 book chat. For this milestone every 14 chapters or one week we would get into groups and do one of these roles. This was out tasks: Smart Summarizer

Your job is to write and share a summary of the last portion of the book. Remember when summarizing, you must choose the important aspects of the section of the book to highlight. Include a TITLE on your document, and double space your summary. Focus broadly on the questions below:Β 

β€’ What happened in this section?Β 

β€’ Who was there / Who are we introduced to?Β 

β€’ What was an example of CHANGE in this portion of the book?Β 

β€’ What was an example of CONTINUITY in this portion of the book?Β 

This summary should be approximately 100-200 words.Β 

Creative ConnectorΒ 

Your job is to find and record connections between the book and the outside world. This means connecting the reading to: your own life, other stories, other people, similar events, other projects we’ve worked on this year, or similar events! This role pertains directly to our driving question: What was life like in the Middle Ages? How does this compare to today?Β 

Choose at least 2 different connections. Your explanation should also reflect on how your connections show either CONTINUITY or CHANGE.Β 

This written response should be approximately 100 – 200 words.Β 

Artful ArtistΒ 

Your job is to visually depict anything about this section of the story that you found important, impactful, or engaging. This could be a character, a scene, the setting, an event, a surprise, a problem, or a prediction! If doing one art piece, this must include colour and detail. You could also choose to do 2 – 3 smaller drawings or creative responses. Consider your options: keynote magic moves, sketches, photo editing, video, paper 53, and more!Β 

Your drawing(s) must be accompanied by a short 3-5 sentence explanation.

Dries Zuijdervelt January 13, 2020 Creative Connector The Book of the Lion Connection 1 is between the crusades and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. One of the main reasons is because Palestinians see Israel is as the Crusaders. Saladin, the Muslim hero who defeated the Crusaders, has been a role model for Arab leaders like Saddam Hussein and the late Syrian President Hafez Assad; Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat frequently cites Saladin’s precedent. The reason that the Palestinians see the Israel’s as the crusades is because most of the Palestinians Are Muslim and the crusades were the Christian vs the muslims and a war over the holy land. And the Israeli–Palestinian conflict is over land. 2. I think the death sentence can be a connector. The death sentence is a very common punishment in the 1000 to now I guess. The reason i say now is because we still give out the death punishment (in other country’s ) and it was very common way back then
In the last part of the book, a lot of things happed. Here’s a list of what happened. The battle begins in full swing and the Saracan army looks weak and unarmed compared to the Crusaders. Edmund makes his way up a hill covered in blood and broken bones, men are hacking away at each other and falling to the ground everywhere. Edmund deals a blow to a Saracen, but as Hubert takes a swing, he slips on a bloody stone. As he falls, Edmund stands in front of him to protect him. Anger and courage fill his head as someone's sword grazes his shoulder. He strikes the Saracen down dead. The king makes a simple command, though Kill them all. The knights hesitate for a minute, but the king gives the command again, and so it begins. Slowly they move through the crowd with their swords, killing each prisoner as they go. Edmund has to keep Hubert from seeing the horrific sight. Fear soon turns to anger as Edmund realizes that men all around him are trying to end his life. Next to him, Hubert fights and kills a Saracen. A large part of the army is holding back, and so King Richard rides up and down the battlefield, calling out for the soldiers to have patience. The rest of the enemy rides toward them fearlessly and Winter Star shivers, his ears flat against his head.

I chose a image of Venice because this was a very large part of this part

For milestone 4 we did our partner researchΒ 

Middle Ages research what was life like in the Middle Ages? How dose it compare to today? #1 monarchy (change) #2 Christianity (continuity) #3 consumption of information (change) #4 wars (continuity) #5 the structure of society change #1- Monarchy – Example Of Change Monarchy’s used to rule the world but now with more equality there has been less and less monarchs because the people like to choose who is there leader -Dries’s brain 2020 Now there are about 30 monarchy’s ruling over 45 country’s The longest lasting monarch dynasty is the imperial house of japan started 660 BCE and is still a active monarchy. Links: how monarchy’s have evolved to adapt to the modern world http://www.oldest.org/politics/monarchy/ #2 Christianity – Example Of Continuity Religion: modern: Christianity in modern times church visit on Sunday Believe that Jesus Christ is the son of god Believe in one god Jesus was sent to save the world Jesus will return Reads the Holy Bible to learn more about Jesus’s teachings The cross is the symbol of Christianity The most important Christian holiday are Christmas (the birth of Jesus) and Easter (the rebirth/ resurrection of Jesus) medieval: Christianity in medieval times church visit on Sunday (mostly from 11amβ€”noon) Believe in that Jesus Christ is the son of god Believe in one god Jesus was sent to save the world Jesus will return The Pope reads the Bible and tell them what they do The cross is the symbol of Christianity The most important Christian holiday are Christmas (the birth of Jesus) and Easter (the rebirth/ resurrection of Jesus) #3 Consumption Of Information – Example Of Change Now we consume information mostly through tech like phones or computers then you had to send a messenger or you had to go to the person you’d like to talk to. one of the most major ways back then you had to read books and if you’d want to read you’d have to have gone to school but you could only go to school if you were rich. now everyone can get access to most information #4 Wars – Example Of Continuity Modern Source from: history.com Uses guns, planes, bombs est. Fights because of revenges and accidental kills The most powerful weapons are guns and bombs Someone leads the army You get an award after the war Considered warriors Trains for a long time before going to the battlefield Use dynamites to break in They want to kill enemies Medieval Source from: history.com Uses crossbows, swords and war hammers est. Fights over land and religion The most powerful weapon is the sword Someone leads the army You get an award after the war Considered warriors Trains for a long time before allowed to go on the battlefield and knighted Use logs and hammers to break in They only want to take out enemies #5 The Structure Of Society- Example Of Change Modern source for modern society In modern society your job gets you higher in society You get to choose your leader You are not born into any roles and you can get higher into society by getting a good job Medieval source for Medieval society The richer you are the higher up you are in society You didn’t get to choose you leader You were born into your role in society and the only way to move up is to be knighted by the King/Queen

We had to pick 5 things ether of continuity or change which we used to make our presentation. To me this was the most important part of this project because this was a foundation of the presentation.

Milestone 5 this is the final milestone the present milestone for this we presented our presentation and here’s a video on how it wentΒ 

Now I am going to present to you my answers to these drive questions and how I got the answers. First I am going to talk about What literacy skills did I use to read, listen, and view texts that we studied for understanding? Well I used several different techniques/skills when reading listening and viewing. For the reading and viewing part I think that I had to slow myself down when reading other wise I would miss something. How are lives and conditions alike over time, and how have they changed? One of the things that are still alike ( this was part of my presentation ) is monarchy even though in used it as a example of change it is very much the same the main thing that has changed is power and amount. Every thing else you can think of has changed in some way no mater what it isΒ