While dissecting the film we recreated you can see the different angles and ways they shot the different pieces. That is the answer to our driving question, how did I get to my answer? Join me on my four milestone journey to the answer. First we have, you guessed it the first milestone. This milestone you had to make a short video introducing yourself after the long break because of covid. This milestone for me was probably the hardest because we had so little time to think of what we are going to say, find a location, film, and do edits. Onto the next one. This milestone we had to make a plan. A plan to make a perfect recreation of the short film RUN! Watch the original here https://youtu.be/we2YF1J6jxg

This plan had timing movement and every thing that you would need. This is the foundation of the answer to the problem/process that is another reason why this milestone was so important. The next milestone is the critique milestone. We make the first draft in 2 hours and then present it and get feedback. This is very important because most of the time that you do a peer critique you get feedback on things you didn’t see. And its always good to get a second third or fourth opinion. This leads us to the main milestone. The milestone that everything was building up to, milestone four. This milestone is a improvement on the last milestone, we take the critique from the last video and make sure that the final versions is as perfect as we can get it. This is the final solution to the problem/process. Make sure to check out the video: https://youtu.be/FnQnzBMgauI. And that concludes the very short post on the very short project.

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