The Great War Exhibit is the latest PLP project that I have done. In this blog post, I am going to talk about the three most important milestones that helped me solve the driving question: How might we use artifacts and film to show the significance of WWI? I can expand this more. This project covers from the start of ww1 to the end of ww1 and it covers most of the significant events that happen. I am also going to talk about the competencies Establish Historical Significance and Global Collaborator, I will talk more about these later in this post

The first milestone that I am going to talk about is milestone two. In this milestone, we got our artifacts and researched them. The way that we picked our artifacts was not what I was expecting, we had pictures of the artifacts randomly placed on the desks. Then we walked around the class looking at all of them, once everyone had looked at every milestone we sat down at one artifact that interests you, now you see I picked the one that was at my original spot. The artifact that I got was the mark 1 British empire helmet. 

This is the first major step because our final task was to make a video about the artifact that we got and a soldier related to the artifact. Despite this being one of the more important milestones to do I think it is my worst milestone when It comes to the competencies. As expected because this is one of the first milestones especially when It comes to Establish Historical Significance. This brings me to the next milestone that I want to talk about. This is the milestone that we created the screenplay about the soldier. This means that we have to write a screenplay for our final video. That means that we have to have all of the info on our soldiers and all of our info on our artifact. The thing with the screenplay is that I could spend weeks working on it and never actually finish it. So when I got to a point in the screenplay that I think that It was acceptable. So I just had to move on. If you want to take a look at what I said take a look at the image gallery below

With this milestone, I took a lot more time than I needed to. However, I think that the screenplay itself is good. It just took me a good amount of time to do. I think that this is one of mine. In the final version, I think I showed the established historical significance because I showed why the historians decided that this item was worth remembering. I also think that this is one of my better milestones for the Global Collaborator competency but it also wasn’t very good at the same time 

Now, this all leads up to the final 2 milestones. The actual video and the presentation in the video we just read off our screenplay. This video is also a lot like the screenplay. I could work on it forever and it would never be done. Now you might be wondering what were the requirements for this video. Like all videos should have (in my opinion) they should get to the point in a reasonable time they should try and keep the attention of the audience and give valuable information that the people will remember. You see the problem is that I kinda didn’t spend very much time on making this video, and that is reflected in it when you watch it. Some parts are not finished, the audio is messed up, you cant hear the music, there is a lot of static in the background and many other things that are very small but noticeable to me. If you want to check out the video it should be right below this video is what everything was leading up to. This is the milestone that I finally got to an accomplished level in both of the milestones. I showed what this artifact was what it did and why it was important to Canada. And when it comes to the global Collaborator competency I think I told a good story and used media effectively to convey a message.   

Now, this brings me to the actual presentation. In this presentation, we had to talk about just the artifact. I wanted to cover who had it on in ww1, what it was made with, what it did and my opinion on what the value of this helmet was, after that I would answer any questions and ask if they wanted to put it on the helmet. Besides the fact that I looked and sounded dead the whole time I think I did relatively ok. If you want to check out what I said watch the video down below


I think that this is my best project of the year, despite that meaning almost nothing because all of my videos from previous projects aren’t very good. This is also the video that I spent the most time on this is probably because it is also the topic that I am most interested in out of all of the topics that we have been told about. this project was also the most fun PLP project for me yet. I learned about what I think is the second most interesting thing that I will learn in high school history (I will probably be proven wrong). This is the point that I told you all of the important steps that I took to get the answer to this driving question (How might we use artifacts and film to show the significance of WWI?) We can show the significance of ww1 by showing the significance of all of these small artifacts in film to show that many small things can make up a big thing. The big thing being the significance of ww1. And that is the recap of this project!

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