Here is a great picture of my cat Percival and here is how it connects to my worldview.

This would connect to my values because I value my cat. Even though he probably thinks of me as inferior, I feel like he values me too (at least I hope he does…). I am proudly a cat person and there is nothing anyone could say that would make me feel differently. Society has valued cats since the ancient Egyptians. They worshipped them and I wouldn’t say I’m very different. I feel like people who didn’t have a pet as a kid (or even an adult), or people who haven’t been exposed to animals don’t really have as strong a connection to them as people who own pets.

Having pretty much always had a pet in my life had helped me develop a strong value for animals in general, even though I mainly love cats (no offence, dog people). I really value having someone/something to take care of and I feel like my cat is great for that. He’s also really nice and adorable. This also connects to the rest of the world because a lot of other people love having pets too, no matter wether that’s a cat or a dog or even a fish.

So that’s how that picture connects to my worldview. My values would most likely be so much different if I didn’t own a cat, so I’m glad that I do.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed this small post and I’ll see you next time.