We learned about the Medieval Times!

The Driving Question

For every project we have a driving question, a question that we can come back to through out the project. For this project our driving question is: “What can we learn from the past and why does it matter to us today?” So yes, we had to learn about the Medieval Times!

Book of the Lion

Like our last project we had to read a book again. This time the book was called “The Book of the Lion.” The book was okay but it wasn’t my favourite in the world I preferred “The Outsiders.” You can check out my blog post to that by clicking here! Like the Outsiders we had to again do role sheets. This time there were only 3 not 4. We had to fill out the role sheets every week and then meet with our discussion groups to present our work.

Art Work Choice Chart

As part of this project we had to make an art work choice chart. There were a bunch of categories that we had to fill out and each of them were different but we had to but a picture of something that best suits the box. There were 7 slides that we had to fill out and the first one that we did we had to put a picture of a medieval painted person. The choice chart was okay to do, once you got into it it got easier and then it was fine.

Sketch and Tell

We were given a template to draw what we thought it meant for societies to gain and lose power. We were each given a partner so we could present it to them when we had finished. After we had shown our drawing we had to write a paragraph explaining the drawing and how it connects to yourself. It was fun to draw our ideas on societies gaining and losing power, but I was not the biggest fan of writing the paragraph, but it was fine in the end!

Leader Tribute

We had to do a leader tribute on someone from the Medieval Times. I wasn’t there for it but the group I was put in when I was back at school were kind enough to give me a part even though I wasn’t there for it. The group I was in did a sketch to display to the class along with some facts and things about the leader.

Our Art Work

The main thing I would say is the art work. The art work was fun to make because we got to use the photos from our art work choice chart and put and make a piece of art from it. We had to put our faces on a medieval person and we did it on an app called “SuperimposeX” I liked using that app because it was fun to be able to make ourselves into medieval art. I am proud of my art because I think that I put a lot of effort into making it and I am proud of the art that I have made.

So yeah that is what my result was! It looks a little…funny, but I don’t mind it and it was the best one I had made.

As part of the art work we had to write a paragraph on it explaining the art that we have made.

Paragraph Explaining my Art!

Today we have been asked to write about our medieval art work that we have made. For this project our driving question is “What can we learn from the past and why does that matter to us today?” So we have been asked to make a piece of art starring us! 

This medieval art work shows how our worldview has changed from the medieval times and how it displays how different their worldview is from ours. This is important to me because of the opportunities we now have today from what has happened back then and what they have done. I have put in a clock in my art work because of the way they told time back in the medieval period. They had to use a thing called a sundial that cast a shadow on a stone plate depending on where the sun was in the sky. This was important to me because if they hadn’t created the sun dial we wouldn’t have a clock and it makes me feel grateful for what they have done so we can live an easier life today. I have put a crown in my art because they used to have kings and queens just like we do now. It is important to me because we have kept that from the past and it means that our world is not so different from theirs. I wanted to put a group of people to display society in the medieval times. People in the medieval period were born into their groups. Some children were born to knights or merchants and some people were born to slaves or pheasants. They couldn’t just change who they were and they had to grow up like that. It is important to me because of what we now have because of what they have done for us. Woman didn’t really get education and it was sad that no one really got any education so we are lucky to have education based on what they have done for us since then. The book displays how grateful I am for the education we now have today because I know that people in the Middle Ages were not so fortunate. They didn’t get amazing education that we have today, education that helps shape our worldview. We are learning about them now because of what they have done. They are teaching us things about the medieval times now and what has happened back then. They are teaching us about what they did, their history and much more. All of these aspects are important to me because it has helped shape my worldview. Whatever was accomplished in the medieval period has helped shape my worldview. We now have digital clocks because of what they have accomplished back then. I am grateful for all that they have done to and have taught me over these last couple weeks. How much we have learned about them and how we have been able to learn about the Middle Ages.


Overall in this project I learned A LOT about the medieval times and their worldview. I learned about their worldview by reading the “Book of the Lion” and all the other activities we did. This project was pretty fun! It was fun because we got to learn about the medieval times and make art, I really like to make art and doing it on an iPad was really fun because I have never done it before! I learned even more about others worldview and my worldview and have come to understand it even more then I did before. I have learned so much from the past and I learned about things that we still have today like clocks! Well back then they had sundials but they had the same concept except that they used the sun that casted shadow that shined on the right time of day. Even though things were slightly different we wouldn’t be as far as making clocks if they hadn’t thought of the sundial. I have to say that this was a fun project and I am glad that we got to do it because I enjoyed learning about the past and doing all the work to create our end result!

Thanks for reading my blog about our latest project on the medieval times! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you read my next post!👍😁

How can a text help me understand myself as my worldview is changing?

What is the project?

This project was called “Its the end of the World as we know it” in this project we had to read a book called  “ The Outsiders.” This book was okay but I don’t think I would have  read it if I had the choice. This book gave me a lot of information about worldview. I compared my worldview to the Outsiders worldview. We had 4 weeks to read the whole book and every Thursday we met with our discussion groups to talk about the chapters we had read and the role sheets we had to do on the section of reading. The role sheets were sheets that we had to fill out based on what your role was that week. There were 4 sheets but we only did 3 of them over the 3 weeks we were reading the book. We each did a role sheet and we switched between them every week so we all did a different one each time. When the book was finished we did the 4th one but every one was meant to do the same one so then we could each present it to our groups. After we had finished reading the book we watched the movie and had to make Venn diagrams while we were doing so. We were introduced to the main part. We had to make write a song with with the background music of  “It’s the End of the World as we Know it” by REM. We had to write lyrics to the music about worldview and we had to use our notes that we had made to do it. We recorded our song and then had to make an iMovie. We had to get photos from when we were younger and now. We put all our photos together to make a slideshow and then we put it on our YouTube channels.

The Driving Question

The driving question for this project was “How can a text help me understand myself as my worldview is changing?” This project was all about worldview and how we can understand our worldview and others. The outsiders were to help us understand our worldview by comparing it to theirs. They lived in a rough place and fought each other, they killed each other in self defence. This all related back to the driving question and understanding our worldview. We had to make a MindNode on our worldview and put things in it about ourselves and what is part of our worldview. 

YouTube Video

We had to set up a YouTube channel to put our “Becoming a PLP Learner” video in (which was our maker project.) We also had to put our song on it so if you would like to watch it then you can right here! I think that we did a good job with the video and the way we set up our slideshow.

What I did well

I think in this project I did well by staying focused and trying my hardest to make my work the best it can be. The lyrics were hard to write and it was a very fast song so it was pretty hard to sing, but I think that I did a good job. The lyrics were hard to write because you had to get them perfect and make sure that its in time with the music. Overall I think that me and my group members (Brooklyn and Kiera) did a pretty good job on this project and I am proud of what we have managed to do.


I think that overall I did a good job on this project with my group members. I now understand what worldview is (kind of). I didn’t really like this project at first but as we got into it more and more I started to really enjoy it and have fun! I am happy with the work I put into this and am happy with what I have done. The book was ok and the movie was short but I learned a lot from it about understanding my worldview by understanding the Outsiders worldview. I am proud of the work I put into this and I think that me and my group members did a good job on this project. The singing part was hard because the song is so fast. Writing the lyrics were even harder because you had to make sure it that is exactly in time with the music so when we sing it it is exactly in time with the music.



Becoming a PLP Learner

Becoming a PLP Learner

This is my first ever maker project in PLP!  I have worked hard to reach the expectation of the project and have tried my best to make it the best it can be. In this project we learned how to use keynote. We learned things like colour fill, image fill, animating shapes and much more! We designed Nike shoes, drew on pumpkins, made Memojis and made fidgets. I feel as if I have learnt a lot from this project especially since I am new to the PLP community and constantly learning new things. I worked hard over the time span of 2 weeks to complete my keynote. 

My Memoji:

I made my Memoji to resemble me. We used the laptop picture so we could add stickers to the front that meant things to us. I put lots of stickers on it and my favourite would be North Shore Dolphins Dive Club sticker. That sticker is my favourite because my favourite sport is diving. I am very proud of my Memoji because I worked hard on the animations and am happy with the result. I am very proud that I have put cool animations that I am proud of. One thing I could have done better is putting the animations in order.

My I Am Doodle:

I did my I Am doodle on my favourite diving. It is my favourite sport because I like to be on the diving board and fall through the air and do different and difficult dives. I am proud that I can share my love of diving. I think I couldn’t done better drawings but I am happy with it and happy to share it.

My I Am WordPack:

In My I Am WordPack I have put word in it that mean a lot to me. I am lots of things to myself and to other people. I used an app called WordPack to create this.  One thing I could have done better is used different colours so it stands out more and is easier to read. One thing I proud of is all the descriptions of myself I put into my WordPack. I am happy with is am excited to make another one in the future.

My User Manuel:

I am proud of my user manuel because it tells people about me. I wrote on a template in pages to create it. My user manuel tells people all about me. I am most proud of my 3 settings. Setting #1: student, setting #2: regular person and setting #3 Sports lover. Something I am happy with is the words I put into it. One things I could have done better is putting a little more words into it and putting more things that are about me into it. Here is a link to it.

About Me


Thanks for reading all about my latest project I was happy to share all about it! I am proud of my presentation because I know I have worked hard in this project and have answered the driving question Who am I as a PLP learner? Well I am a creative, smart, determined, fun, happy, excited, keen, interested and enthusiastic PLP learner. I hope to in the future continue working my hardest and do lots more projects that I am proud of.

Deep Dive Into Diving

Hi! This is my first post on my new blog. Our teacher has asked us to right about something of our choice so I have decided to right about my favourite sport Diving! I dive for a club called North Shore Dolphins Dive Club.

How I got into diving

I got into diving when my friend mentioned it to my mum. I thought that is sounded cool so I decided to try a couple lessons. After the lessons I wanted to try the pre-comp classes so I signed up for it. I was in it for a year and only doing once a week and then when it was over I decided to join what I’m in now. It is 2 times a week and lots of fun! I dive with my good friend who I first got me into diving. I have been working on my inward dive tuck and I have to say I have been getting pretty good at it.

My Favourite Dive:

My favourite dive would be a Front roll in.

I like this dive because I like how different it is and I like it because it is fun and I enjoy doing the tuck and roll.

My Favourite diver

My favourite favourite diver would be Tom Daley because I saw him on The Great British Bake Off and I watched some videos on him and he did some really cool dives. I want to one day be in some competitions and learn even more dives. Diving might not be the most popular sport in the world but is sure one of the most fun!

The most hardest dive in the world is called a front 4 1/2. It is the hardest dive because if the twists and because of the required position.

Here’s Tom Daley demonstrating  and talking about the most difficult dive in the world.

5 Random Facts About Diving:

1. Ray Rude invented the diving board in 1916.

2. The tallest diving board is 27 meters high.

3. Olympic divers hit the water between 30 to 35 miles per hour.

4. There have been exactly 9 different events in Olympic diving.

5. The first diver to be on an Olympic podium was Irene MacDonald.


Canada’s #1 diver men and women

Mens: The best men’s diver in Canada is Alexandre Despatie. He is the only male diver in Canada to have won a medal.

Women’s: the best women’s diver is Emilie Heymans who has won the most medals in Canada.

Thanks for reading all about my favourite sport and I hope that I have inspired some people to try it. If want more information check out North Shore Dolphins Dive Club if you’re local to Vancouver. I hope you have enjoyed my first post!