We can Learn from The Past

Why do we learn about the past? Why is it relevant today? As part of this project we learned about medieval times through reading The book of the Lion and made medieval artwork. It showed a medieval worldview which made me understand we are lucky to live in a place where we get opportunity to learn.

The Book of the Lion
First we read the book of the lion, to teach us about medieval worldview. The book of the lion is story about a young English man named Edmund,  he was saved by two knights who made him fight for the Lion’s Heart crusade in the Holy Land. We read this book to learn about Medieval Worldview and why it is still relevant today. My opinion on this book is that it had the right information but, it didn’t share it in the right way. I found this book hard to read and very boring with barely any moments that kept me hooked. If you’re trying to learn about worldview this is your book, if you just want a fun read as well I would not suggest it.


Medieval Times
Before I go on, what is Medieval times? After the fall of Rome the Catholic Church became the most powerful and leaders would get a lot of power from it and this lead to the Crusades which was a big part of the medieval times but, who and what were they? The Crusades were Catholic Knights and would go to the holy lands to spread the word and fight for Christianity. They were told if they fought for crusade all of their sin would be forgiven and could come back with Muslim treasure. If you want to learn more about medieval times click here.

Medieval artwork
After we finished the book we started the process of our final project.  We made medieval artwork of ourselves in paintings and included objects in the background that relate to medieval worldview. We couldn’t just go straight in to making the artwork we had to plan it out and have a reason for each object. So we made artwork choice charts:


Artwork explanation

After we finished the choice chart I started the artwork using superimpose and combined all of the images together. I put a king, farmer and an apprentice in my artwork because in medieval times, having an apprenticeship was a common way to learn. This shows that I can learn from my elders experiences.In the medieval times kings ruled at the top and farmers and peasants were on the bottom. Even if a farmer was more intelligent than a king he would have to stay in his role. This makes me learn to not judge a book by its cover and how important it is to hear everybody’s opinions. In medieval times you were considered lucky to live near a river so I put a river in my artwork. This affects my worldview because in medieval times most people would have to travel to get water and now we can just get water from a tap. I learnt, how grateful and lucky I am to live in a time period where engineering has evolved enough for us to get safe water. I have learnt so much about medieval times and how it connects to our learning.


After completing this project I realize it’s important that we learn about the past so we can relate it to the present day and avoid making mistakes in the future.

Looking back on the project I learnt several key things , first and most important I can learn from my elders, second to hear every bodies opinions and last to be grateful for what I have.


It’s the Start of Seycove

I have read The Outsiders.  I have done role sheets, I have questioned my worldview, I have created lyrics and I have created a music video. I did all of that in one Humanities project and I’m going to show you how I did it. First the driving question “How can a text help me understand myself as my worldview is changing”. So by the end of this project I answered that question.

Outsiders the Book

We read a Book called “The Outsiders” to learn about western worldview. The book showed us different types of people and how they think. For Ponyboy I was surprised because he smoked at the age of fourteen which now the average smoker first tries it at the age of 18. If you want to learn more about The Outsiders you could read the book or watch the movie.

Discussion Role Sheet

Every Friday we would meet up with our assigned groups and share our role sheets we made about The Outsiders. The role sheet took a lot of time and every time I would get feedback even if I thought it was really good. I took this feedback with a growth mindset and  progressed through this stage of the project and I am proud of my sheet.


Have you ever listened to  “It’s the end of the world and  I feel Fine” song. Well if you haven’t, click here. We changed all the lyrics to this song talking about our experience from elementary school to high school. We had our lyrics ready to make a song then our teacher said this is a group project and I felt relieved when she said that. My group was Cece, Isaac, and Griffin (click on their names to see their blog). So we decided to combine our lyrics to make one final draft of our song. Now we had to make the video to the lyrics using IMovie and connect them to the lyrics. Check out our video below:

In this project I learn that that are many world view and not just mine.Though I understand what worldview is my worldview is always going to be changing as I progress through high school and the rest of my life.

Becoming a PLP learner!

What’s PLP like? What do you take away from the projects? What’s Maker 8 like?

I just finished my first project and completed the driving question ‘Who am I as a PLP learner’ and I am going to explain;

~ my favourite part,

~ my least favourite part, 

~skills that I can apply to the future; and

~what I could have done better.

My Favorite part of my Project 

My favourite part the project was my ‘me emoji’. My me emoji is an emoji that looks like myself and has several digital stickers on a digital laptop. I really liked making my character and it was fun to make stickers about my life, to put on the laptop. When I was presenting my ‘me emoji’ I did a number of sound effects and animations.

My Least Favourite of the Project

My least favourite part of this project was my user manual. Personally, I don’t like writing about myself and find it very difficult because I over think it. The user manual required you to write in third person, make settings about yourself, show your accessibility, and say tips for how I can remain in optimal performance. So in general I found this part of the project very frustrating.

Skills I learnt that can apply to the future. 

Emotionally I learnt to always be patient since I was struggling to line up the animations correctly and I felt frustrated. When I had a growth mindset I was able to trouble shoot and succeed. The skill I think I will take away most from this project is transitions skills. In this project I spent time learning all the transitions and applied these skills to my slides. I hope to build on all these and improve them as I go on through my PLP journey.

What I could have done better

I recorded several voice overs. Although I prepared a script, I think I could have pushed my descriptive language by adding more detail into my script. Once I refined the script I should have practiced it several times. This would reduce the chances that I mumble or stutter because I don’t know what I’m saying. 

At the end of this project, I became a PLP learner and I am proud of my work. If you want to see the final product, click here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k-_lecR4u8 


Why the Haudenosaunee’s Great Law Of Peace is more relevant today than ever

The great law of peace was written centuries ago but is needed now more than ever. I’m here to explore the three top reasons why the Haudenosaunee’s laws can help the world we see today.

Before we get started what is The Great Law of Peace? Is it a suggestion? Is it a real law? It is neither, The Great Law of Peace is a cultural law that you can’t get arrested for but it holds powerful meaning. It states you should have a mind filled with peace and never make decisions with fury or anger.

Number 1 : Wars

Hitler, Putin, Trump all of these leaders could have benefited from The Great Law of Peace. Now how could each leader benefit from The Great Law of peace? Donald Trump’s policy was that he increased military spending and solved a lot of problems with violence. If he had listened to The Great Law of Peace and learned to make the decisions that aren’t about him and just think about the countries future generations, the USA could be thriving. Putin is trying to take away a lot of Ukraine’s land and making a legacy for himself. The Great Law of Peace does not stand for that. If he realized violence wasn’t the key, thousands of soldiers and civilians lives would be saved. Hitler was the leader of Germany in the 1930s, and had a lot of divisive policies. He was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Jewish people. If Hitler just listened to the meaning of The Great Law of Peace he would be bring communities together and millions of lives would be saved.

Number 2: Climate change

Everyone is focused on self interest and making the most money. Today we live in a capitalist society. This means companies are focused on making profits as quickly as possible. What they’re not thinking about is how much impact they’re having on Mother Nature. The Great Law of Peace states “always view not only the present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground.” This means giving up profit today to look after our future generations.

Number 3: Patriarchy

Our society is still considered to be a patriarchy. Some examples would be the usage of the family name of the man after marriage and the gender pay gap. In Haudenosaunee’s society the clan mother was the head of clan. She played an important political and social role, which included choosing and advising the hoyaneh, making major decisions for the clan, knowing and keeping the Great Law of Peace, assigning names to clan members, influencing decisions, ensuring that the way of life continued and that children were raised in the customs of the longhouse, providing guidance when there were questions or disputes. With increased violence today we could benefit from a more matriarchal society.

Do you think we could benefit from The great law of Peace? What’s your opinion? Make sure to put them down in the comments.

My five things that are at the top of my Bucket list

I am Eloise and this is my first post. Our teacher told us to post about anything we want. Have you made goals? What is your dream? Have you made a bucket list? Well I wrote down my top five things on my bucket list to share to you.

Number 1: I love skiiing at Whistler or Mount Seymour. So I really want to try water skiing or wave boarding since I think it would be an experience of a life time. I would invite my friends to come and would just have a fun day trying water skiing and failing miserablely.

Number 2: This summer I went to Cultus Lake water and did every ride except the free fall. The free fall is a 72 foot vertical drop the strikes fear into your heart when you look down. The reason this is on my bucket list is because I want to overcome  my fears. Here is the video of the Cultus Lake water park free fall:

Number 3:  When I was a kid I saw a bunch a teenagers jumping off of a 100ft bridge but then I looked closer and felt relief that they were bungee jumping. After that moment as a kid I’ve always wanted to go bungee jumping so I could feel the breeze in my hair as I leap of a 100ft high bridge.

Cool facts about bungee jumping

– The biggest bungee jumping place is 764 ft high

– Bunge jumping used to be illegal

– You can bungee jump from a hot air balloon

Number 4: I am a big Chelsea supporter (team in the premier league) and I have always wanted to watch Thiago Silva play or James Reece play for Chelsea. So in the next 2 years I want to go watch Chelsea play in the premier league and feel the excitement of the crowd while everybody cheers as Chelsea scores a goal against Brighton or Liverpool.

Fun facts about Chelsea

– Chelsea’s main rivals are Tottenham, Arsenal and Leeds united who got relegated in the premier league last season

– Chelsea has the longest unbeaten home record of 86 days

– Chelsea’s names before the name Chelsea was London FC, Kensington FC , and Stamford Bridge FC

Number 5: I love luxurious things and I love traveling around the world. So I want to fly first class and experience all the luxury and perks because I want to know: How many options are on the menu? What are the bathrooms like? How much leg room do you get? These are all question I hope to be able to answer in the future.

So what’s on your bucket list? If you don’t have one it doesn’t take long to make one all it takes is a piece of paper and a imagination.