Almost a DI-saster

Hello again, it’s me, back with another post and guess what? this one’s about Destination Imagination! Ok, before I officially start this post, there’s one thing I’m not going to explain: what Destination Imagination is, because it’s really hard to do in text. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Now, I’m going to officially start the post. Hopefully, you’ve clicked the link and found out what DI is. If you didn’t, go do it now!

First, Ms. Maxwell and Ms. Willemse put us into groups of four. I got put into the Maze Craze challenge and it was so much fun to work with my group members Gabby, Anika, and Ben.

Once we got to understand our challenge better, our next step was to create our team name. After a lot of brainstorming and careful consideration, we decided on the name The Improbable Impossibles! Now, the explanation for the name is, it is improbable that we won’t complete the impossible.

Hopefully, you watched the video that’s right there ⬆️. If you haven’t, you should now. Anyway, the next thing we did was decide how we were going to solve our challenge. Just before I do this there is something very important that you should see before you read on, and that is our team roles.

Team roles are very important because if two people in the group are having an argument about something, we can look to the team roles chart we made to see who has the final decision. If you would like to see my groups chart it will be right there⬇️ for you to look at.

Our first idea was to build a remote controled car but no one in our group knew how and unfortunately for us YouTube wasn’t the most helpful in this situation. So our second idea was to buy a remote controlled truck and take everything off so it was just the chassis and then use that. Lucky for us this idea worked! So once we had that all figured out it was time to start.

I’m going to take a minute now to explain something called an instant challenge. Now I can’t say to much as I’m sworn to secrecy but I can explain the jist of it. So an instant challenge is exactly what it sound like. You show up on the day of the competition and try and complete the challenge. You don’t know anything about the challenge except that it’s either going to be a performance based meaning you have to act or sing, tasked based where you have to build something or a mixture of both. So on top of having to solve our main challenge we also had to practice the instant challenges

If you watched the video you would know that we also had to include a prop transformation and an object removal. Our idea for the transformation was the use chemistry and make elephant toothpaste. To make this even cooler we decided to design the maze traveler to set it off.

Our idea for the object removal was to use magnets. Our object was a key and we glued a magnet to it and then glued a magnet to the maze traveler.

Now to explain the title. You know how I said that we designed the maze traveler to make the elephant toothpaste. Well on the day of the competition the shovel we modified to carry the liquid started to leak when we tested it by pouring water into it. Our first solution was to duck tape up the holes. Once we did that, we tried the water again but the tape didn’t cover the holes because we had moss hot glued to the sides of the shovel. So we decided that I would just pour the liquid into the container to trigger the reaction. Now if you want to watch our entire performance you can see it right here ⬇️.


The appraisers gave us some sticky notes on the things that they liked, and on stuff that they think we can improve. We also got raw scores, which are the exact amount of points we got for each bit of the challenge.

Our raw scores

Sticky notes

To rap this up we ended up getting third place out of 7 teams, which, when you think about it is pretty good.

Third place ribbon

This is the end of the post thank you for reading, peace out


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