Exploring the new world!!!

Hello world how you doing today? Today I’m writing about exploring is the 16th century. The purpose of this unit was to understand why explorers were sailing in search of new land.

The explorer I chose was Henry Hudson and the first thing we had to do was some research about our explorers to get to understand them better. The research sheet looked a lot like this.

Now your probably thinking PLP is supposed to be slightly more difficult then regular school and yes I know that research is pretty easy but we had a lot more going on on top of this.

At the same time we were researching our explorers we were also doing a novel study on comics. There were 4 different types of comics and each group was assigned a different genre of comic expach week the different genres of comics were Tintin, Anti-Hero, New Age, and Superhero. At the end of each week we had to fill out a comic chart and discuss the genre of comic with our groups.

My group made up of Taylor, Keira, Gabby, Aedan, and I all had basically the same thoughts on all the comics and genres.

On top of all that we also had to make our own comics. This is the reason why we were doing a novel study on comics. You can see mine later on in this post.

One not so great thing that happened was that Ms Willemse was in Cuba during this unit so we had a sub. Our sub was really great and she was very informative but she was not Ms. Willemse.

Now the reason we were doing all of this is because the final project for this unit was we had to present to the king and queen to convince them to fund me for an  expedition. Luckily my friends filmed me so I could show it to you people.


I learned a lot in this unit like how to use a lot of different apps like superimpose and many others. I also learned a lot about the navigational tool used in that time period as well as how much trading impacted countries around the world.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see u in the next one 👋.

Time to L.A.U.N.C.H. Llama ball!

Hi everyone welcome back to another amazing post! In this post I will be talking about something very interesting and something you probably have never done.

One thing in PLP that we do a lot is projects and in some of those projects we use something called the L.A.U.N.C.H. cycle. Launch stands for

L stands for look, listen, and learn about the project

A stands for ask questions about the project

U stand for understanding the problem

N stands for navigate and brainstorm ideas

C stands for create a prototype

and H stands for highlight the good and fix the bad

The project we have been working on in maker the last 2 weeks have helped me understand the launch cycle a lot better.

Now the project, our task was to make an interesting sport with the materials of 2 racquets, string, duct tape, 6 balloons, 5 cups and a wiffle ball. My group made up of Jason, Grace and Taylor had some interesting ideas about what we could do with the supplies.

One of the first things we did when we were creating our sport was to make a survey to see what aspects of a sport our other classmates liked. My question was, What body parts do you like to play sports with? As you can see in the survey below most people in my class like to use multiple body parts when playing.

The next step was to brainstorm questions that people might ask before they play our sport. We made a web on a piece of paper and went around the group writing any questions that we had even if they were really obvious. After we did it as a group, we then went around to the other groups webs and added anything they might of missed. After everyone went around to all the webs ours look like this.

The next thing we did was we got to play around with the materials to get a better idea of what we wanted to use them as.

Once we had our concrete idea we had to make a video about rules and how to play the game.

Once we did all that it was time to launch to an audience. Our audience was another group that designed another sport with the same materials. We set up and started to play our game. It was lots of fun and the inspiration for the name came from Taylor.

Some images when we were playing.

And that was our sport. I hope you enjoy playing llama ball and I’ll see you in the next post 👋