L.A.U.N.C.H.ing an exhibition!!!!

Hello dear reader I’m back with yet another post and I have some bad news. This is the final blog post of gr.8. Unless I completely fail gr.8 this year my next blog post will come next September when I enter PLP 9. So I hope you stay tuned till then. Now on to the topic of this post!

Its the end of the school year in PLP whic means its exhibition time! If you don’t know what the PLP exhibition is then you should go check out my winter exhibition post right here.

The topic for this end of year exhibition for gr.8 was, How can you design a solution to a problem a non-PLP peer has? Other then this Question our only constrant was that it had to be ready for the night of the exhibition.

All of the exhibitions in PLP follow the L.A.U.N.C.H. Cycle which stands for

So there’s the launch cycle for ya and if you want to see you we used it in blue sky my book that I made is right there.

Just like in the winter exhibition we had to decorate the room that we were in to make it look nice. I was in the physical health group. We decided to split the PLP room into two sections a sports section and a hospital section. We didn’t have a lot of time to plan and we almost didn’t have the room ready in time for the exhibition, but we managed. When the doors open our room looked really good. Here are some pictures from the night of.

Thanks for reading and have a good rest of your day 👋


Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing post. This post is about TPOLS!! This is my first one but it’s a lot like the MPOLS post I did awhile back. The only difference is that this one is about why I should be accepted into PLP next year. So here I go!

I have learned a lot this year. From photoshopping to blogging to sewing to using an iPad to taking better pictures. The list goes on and on.


Maker this year has been a blast! I learned a lot how to learn in a group from DI. I also learned some very key things that I’ll get to later but the first thing I would like to talk about is DI.

The end of Destination Imagination?!

DI was great I learned a lot about how to be a good group member. I chose to include this unit is because it really shows you how key working in a group is. It also taught me how to look at thing from a different prospective because if I hadn’t my groups final project would have been very bad.

Another unit that really help me improve was both exhibitions that we did this year. This unit tought me how to prepare for a presentation and why you don’t leave it to the last minute.

An exhilarating exhibition


Humanities this year flew by. It feels like it was just yesterday when I got on the bus to Oregon. Of all the things we did this year there are a few I will never forget.

The first is the advertisement unit. I think this was an important because it used all the things we worked on this year but I just didn’t realize it back then. The Oregon ads really helped me develop my skills in photoshopping and using still images.

One thing that learned from this unit is that you should never rush through any project and hurry to hand it in.

Another project we worked on in humanities that I think really helped me was the religion unit.

A religious worldview

The reason I really believe this unit helped me improve as a learner is for two reasons. The first is that I lived a very sheltered life so getting to go out and see different types of people and how they live was very amazing. The second is because it taught me that you can’t procrastinate work when your in a group because if you do then your group members are going to yell at you and its not good for the group.

One unit that I definitely could of worked harder on was our stitch in time unit. I know I could of done more on this unit because when I go and look at our quilts that we did. Not much of the stuff that we did for it I can say I did. This was one of the units were I slacked of a lot.


This year in science was very unique and the units we did helped me learned and practice a lot of things. One of those things was presentation. Ive always been ok at making and presenting work but normally it always an individual project. The unit we did on earthquakes was very good for me to practice presenting in a group and our presentation worked out very well.

Improvements to be made

This year I have really struggled with handing work in on time and not procrastinating it to the night before. One example I have is this presentation I didn’t start it till about 10:00pm last night and didn’t finish until right before we came here. Another example is the winter exhibition. I didn’t really started the final project until the night before and even though it turned out really good I was extremely exhausted the day of the exhibition.

How I’m going to improve 

The main reason I procrastinate a really long time is because I keep getting distracted by all my games. So my solution for this is I’m most likely going to delete all my games at the start of next year so that I don’t get distracted by them because I have terrible self control.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Colonizing in a tempest!!

Hello everyone welcome to another post. This is my last gr.8 humanities post 😢 I hope you enjoy.

Our last unit this year was colonization!! In this unit we learned about New France, the colonization of North America, Shakespeare and our final project for this year was 🔥🔥🔥 (you’ll see why later) now let’s get started.

We started off this unit with (just like most units) getting put into groups. In my group was Keira, Izzy, and Ben. Once this was done we moved on to Shakespeare. The play we studied was the Tempest. It was of course written by Shakespeare. To make this play we were given an app that had all the the lines and a summary of every part of every act in the play. Our other very challenging task was to set the play in New France. So of course we had to learn about it to be able to incorporate it into the play.

The first thing we looked at in this unit was colonization. We looked at a comic that showed the steps to colonizing a place and how to get the locals on your side.

These are the four steps of colonization. The steps are

1. Reconnaissance

2. Invasion

3. Occupation

4. Assimilation

If you want an explanation of what each word means read the comic for more.

We then moved on to New France it’s self. We learned about the pyramid of power and the different types of people living in New France. The rankings are below.



My refractions on light

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to the first science post ever on this blog. This post takes place in the amazing classroom run by the fantastic Ms. S. Klausen. In this unit we learn about light, optics, mirrors reflections and refractions!

We started of this unit with a work sheet about the basics of light. My partner for this was Ben. After this we watched a video about how animals use light to survive and use it for even more amazing stuff!

After we watch the video we learned about convex and concave lenses and how they alter light.


To demonstrate the power of lenses we went out side with a big concave lens and used the sun to burn a girl guides cookie box.


We also watch this video about the biggest solar furnace in the world which is so hot that it will melt birds that fly close to it.

We then got with different partners and we worked on a BFLL which stands for Big Fat Lenses Lab. My partner for this labs was Mr. Sam Cui. For this lab we study light rays after they passed through a liquid. The liquids we used for this lab were vegetable oil, water and rubbing alcohol.

The other big thing that we did in this unit was watch a Documentary on light in Islam. Which was a video about a guy who talked about a dead guy who proved the Greeks wrong about how light works. The Greeks said that light came from the eye but he proved that light entered the eye instead. He also wrote a famous book called Kitab al-Manazir or the book of optics in English. As well most of the thing we know about light came from him.

I know I did a terrible job at explaining this so go ahead and watch the video for more information, and if you really want there is an entire series about this so feel free to watch them all if you desire.

Thank you dear reader for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. This is everything we’ve work in in science this term.

PEACE -Emerson