L.A.U.N.C.H.ing an exhibition!!!!

Hello dear reader I’m back with yet another post and I have some bad news. This is the final blog post of gr.8. Unless I completely fail gr.8 this year my next blog post will come next September when I enter PLP 9. So I hope you stay tuned till then. Now on to the topic of this post!

Its the end of the school year in PLP whic means its exhibition time! If you don’t know what the PLP exhibition is then you should go check out my winter exhibition post right here.

The topic for this end of year exhibition for gr.8 was, How can you design a solution to a problem a non-PLP peer has? Other then this Question our only constrant was that it had to be ready for the night of the exhibition.

All of the exhibitions in PLP follow the L.A.U.N.C.H. Cycle which stands for

So there’s the launch cycle for ya and if you want to see you we used it in blue sky my book that I made is right there.

Just like in the winter exhibition we had to decorate the room that we were in to make it look nice. I was in the physical health group. We decided to split the PLP room into two sections a sports section and a hospital section. We didn’t have a lot of time to plan and we almost didn’t have the room ready in time for the exhibition, but we managed. When the doors open our room looked really good. Here are some pictures from the night of.

Thanks for reading and have a good rest of your day 👋

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