emojis… emojis are great. Emojis are used for many things that words can’t describe and within the last 5 years have exploded in popularity. For this post I will be making a story out of only emojis that will be given to me at random.

Here are the emojis I used I hope you enjoy

Once upon a time there was a cat. The cat’s name was Nik. Nik loved to ride trains. His happy place was curled up on the seat of a train. But one day he got put onto an airplane. Nik was very sad. He just sat there crying. Suddenly a monkey came walking down the isle. The monkey’s name was Sam. Sam did his best to confort Nik and very quickly they became good friends. As the plane landed Nik got very scared. For as they were getting off the plane he heard a roar. Sam being very observant notice that Nik had gone as silent as if he had no mouth. “Nik he said what’s a matter?” “There.. there’s .. THERE’S A DRAGON COMING!” Nik manger to stutter out. Just as the dragon was about to step on them a leopard on a bicycle managed to grab both of them out of the way. Nik and Sam both went tumbleing across the hard pavement. As they got up they realized that the mysterious leopard biker had disappeared. Confused and tired they stumbled into town to find a place to sleep. When Sam finally spotted a hotel from across the street they ran into a problem. The problem was that the sidewalk on both sides were covered in no crossing signs. There were so many that it was pretty much a wall of signs blocking their path across. All of a sudden as if coming right out of the wall its self a giant panda bear appeared. “What’s up?” The bear asked “My name’s Jason, what’s yours?’ Surprised Nik and Sam backed up very quickly, so quickly that Nik accidentally bumped his head into a wall. It hurt so bad that Nik started crying. Suddenly the biker showed up as if appearing from thin air. Sam and Jason watched in awe as the leopard took off its helmet and put it on Nik’s head. When she took it off the bruise was gone and Nik was smileing. That smile soon faded when he realized who the biker was. “Hi Nik, its been a while” the biker said. “Nik you know this women?” Sam inquired. “Yes, guys meet Sage, Sage meet Jason and Sam.” Nik replied. “How do you two know each other?” Jason asked. “We met in high school and she’s the one who got me into riding trains.” Nik answered. The group started walking down the street the wall forgotten until suddenly an alien appeared out of knowhere. “Hello” it said “I have come to….


Please leave a comment with you version of the ending and thanks for reading.

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