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Hello everyone and welcome to another SBC post. If you haven’t been reading my post this is week 9 of the student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy.

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This week the challenge is coding! Coding is really cool. It is the reason that all your devices like the one your reading this post on work. You might think it sounds hard to learn but it’s actually pretty easy. Lucky for me I had previously done some coding in a free app called swift playgrounds. It’s really easy to use and code with and there are many different options depending on you ability.

Unfortunately for this challenge the task was to use the hour of code website. After doing one of the challenges (which I will talk about in more detail later) I found it was a lot like swift. Now on to what you do with the code.

First I would like to say that even though it says hour of code the exercise only took me about 10 minutes. Most of them should take you from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.

I decided to do the Star Wars themed one. It was a pretty easy one that I recommend for people who don’t know anything about coding or if you are a younger person. I picked it because I like Star Wars.

The first step was pretty easy. You just have to move the blocks from the column to the box.

Now I have a challenge for y’all. I will put three different images of code from the exercise. You have to figure out the different moves from the movements in the column to get BB-8 to each of the scraps of metal.




Leave your answers in the comments.

If you enjoy coding you can get even more complexed and move to Java which is more of a code.

Anyways that’s all for this SBC post hope you enjoyed


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