Hi guys welcome back to another post! Today we are talking about chemistry!

In this unit we learned a lot about chemical bonding and the different elements.

The two main things that we learned were:

Ionic bonding: Ionic bonding is when a metal and a non metal bond. This is done by the non metal give the metal (in most cases) its valence electrons because of this, they then bond together to create a compound.


Covalent bonding: Covalent bonding is when two non metals bond together. To do this they decide to share their valence electrons so that they both have full valence shells.

Lastly I have my mind map to show you guys. This map includes stuff that I learned during this unit (in black) and the stuff that I already knew (in red).


Thats everything for this post I hope you enjoyed and to see how we used chemistry in PLP stay tuned for this next post!

– Merry Christmas, Em


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