Time to DI

It’s that time of the year again. The time when all PLP student stretch their creativity to the limit. Yes ladies and gentlemen it’s time for DI! If you haven’t been reading my post for a long time you can go check out my past DI posts here and here.

This year the challenge masters of DI had brewed up some cool challenges. From building a drone to acting as ancient coin heads, DI this year truly had it all.

However this year had a twist. Instead of getting group by the challenge we wanted to do. We were put into groups first and decided our challenge after. My group this year is Taylor, Anika, Nik, and Kiera. The challenge we chose was Engineering: Monster Effects.

To get an idea of what our challenge had to include watch the video below.

So we got right to work. Kiera was in charge of the story, Nik did the backdrop, Anika built the structure, Taylor made props, and I was in charge of the special effect. As the weeks ticked by things came together nicely.

Actually that’s a lie, we were scrambling to get everything done on time. But eventually we got it done.

Our performance at regionals was well, a train wreck. So many things went wrong that I can’t name them all but in short we know what to fix for provincials.

Anyways here’s our performance from regionals.

We have provincials is about a week so you’ll be able to read another post about DI real soon so stay tune.


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