Live Event

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing post. In this post I have an amazing event that I would have to share with y’all. Recently in Maker we had the task of filming a live event.

This event could be anything. If you had nothing to film you could even make something up. The only requirements were; it had to have an interview with a participant (it had to be someone outside of PLP), a time lapse or slow motion, a photo with the ken burns effect and copyright free music.

For this video I decided to film my cousin Sabrina’s field hockey game vs UBC. The game was not only fun to watch was the last game of the regular season for both teams. Also it was Sabrina’s last game as a university student as she is graduating the year.

Anyways here is my live event hope you enjoy!


From this experience I have learned a couple things. First is the sports broadcasters and filmers have a lot harder job then you think. Second is a lot of work goes into the filming of events as most big events only happen once and if you miss it then that’s it. Lastly I learned that you should always have a back up plan as my original plan to interview my cousin failed.

So that’s my live event thanks for reading.




emojis… emojis are great. Emojis are used for many things that words can’t describe and within the last 5 years have exploded in popularity. For this post I will be making a story out of only emojis that will be given to me at random.

Here are the emojis I used I hope you enjoy

Once upon a time there was a cat. The cat’s name was Nik. Nik loved to ride trains. His happy place was curled up on the seat of a train. But one day he got put onto an airplane. Nik was very sad. He just sat there crying. Suddenly a monkey came walking down the isle. The monkey’s name was Sam. Sam did his best to confort Nik and very quickly they became good friends. As the plane landed Nik got very scared. For as they were getting off the plane he heard a roar. Sam being very observant notice that Nik had gone as silent as if he had no mouth. “Nik he said what’s a matter?” “There.. there’s .. THERE’S A DRAGON COMING!” Nik manger to stutter out. Just as the dragon was about to step on them a leopard on a bicycle managed to grab both of them out of the way. Nik and Sam both went tumbleing across the hard pavement. As they got up they realized that the mysterious leopard biker had disappeared. Confused and tired they stumbled into town to find a place to sleep. When Sam finally spotted a hotel from across the street they ran into a problem. The problem was that the sidewalk on both sides were covered in no crossing signs. There were so many that it was pretty much a wall of signs blocking their path across. All of a sudden as if coming right out of the wall its self a giant panda bear appeared. “What’s up?” The bear asked “My name’s Jason, what’s yours?’ Surprised Nik and Sam backed up very quickly, so quickly that Nik accidentally bumped his head into a wall. It hurt so bad that Nik started crying. Suddenly the biker showed up as if appearing from thin air. Sam and Jason watched in awe as the leopard took off its helmet and put it on Nik’s head. When she took it off the bruise was gone and Nik was smileing. That smile soon faded when he realized who the biker was. “Hi Nik, its been a while” the biker said. “Nik you know this women?” Sam inquired. “Yes, guys meet Sage, Sage meet Jason and Sam.” Nik replied. “How do you two know each other?” Jason asked. “We met in high school and she’s the one who got me into riding trains.” Nik answered. The group started walking down the street the wall forgotten until suddenly an alien appeared out of knowhere. “Hello” it said “I have come to….


Please leave a comment with you version of the ending and thanks for reading.


annca / Pixabay

Badminton is fun

It is not very complex

It is a cool sport


Hello everyone and welcome. This post is about images and how to use the right ones. We all know there are billions of images on the internet but unfortunately you can’t use 99% of them. The reason is because they are copyrighted and you have to get writen consent by the image maker to use that photo. Fortunately for you there are ways to get your own. The first is to either take or make your own this is the easiest, the second is to use non copywrited images. To find them I recommend going to Creative Commons and looking there. The last way is to go through the painful process of tracking down the person who made the image and getting written consent but I recommend not doing that.

That’s it for this post I hope you learned something 👋

The Steampunk Aesthetic!

Hey everyone and welcome back to a very interesting post. As you can probably tell from the title this post is on the topic of Steampunk. In this post I will not only defining the definition of the word steampunk but also answering a question that I came up with which is “ What makes Steampunk such a popular aesthetic?” Or “Why is steampunk so popular?”

Now the definition for the word steampunk is a bit weird but I’ll try my best to explain it. The proper definition is “ A genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.” Now if your still struggleing to grasp the concept of steampunk I define it as, if the industrial revolution had happened in the Victorian Era when everything was powered by steam.

darksouls1 / Pixabay

Now onto my question. Once again my question is “ What makes Steampunk such a popular aesthetic?”

If you haven’t even heard of steampunk before don’t worry I hadn’t either but I shocked to discover how popular it is. At the Lincolnshire festival which is the biggest annul Steampunk gathering, over 100,000 people attended this year.

There are many things that make this genre so popular to many different people from the colours to the visual looks of gears, clocks, cogs etc. to the fact that you can make a ton of cool things that don’t exist today. It all depends on what you are interested in and if the steampunk aesthetic fits matches them. So as the answer to my question is there is no one ‘right’ answer. It’s all about opinion some people will love it and some will hate it. It all depends on what you like and your opinion.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the conclusion, Bye y’all

Possession is 9/10ths of the law

Hello peoples of the Earth I am back with another post. The post is a lot different then the rest of them though. Every year each grade of PLP goes on a field study to somewhere that enhances their learning about a certain topic. Last year we went on a field trip to Oregon to understand the meaning of worldview. This year we went to Alberta to learn and deepen our understanding on identity! Now I’ve already explained the project side of the trip which you can find here. In this post I have for you all the important places that we went to and how the impacted our learning about identity.


We went to many cool and interesting places on our trip. Sadly I cannot show you everything because that would make the post to long and probably would bore you to death. So I have chosen to feature the most important places that we went to.


The first stop that we made was Craigellachie B.C. The reason we stopped here was because it is the place where the last spike was driven in for the C.P.R. The C.P.R. Or Canadian Pacific railway is one of the biggest things that impacted Canada’s identity. The reason for this is because without the railroad there is a chance that B.C. could of become part of the USA and Canada wouldn’t have gone coast to coast. It was very cool to see the spot where the last spike was hammered in.

Rogers Pass

If you don’t know your western Canadian history then you’ve probably never heard of Rogers Pass. I didn’t until this trip. Rogers Pass played a crucial roll in the the CPR. It was important because it was the easiest was through the Selkirk mountain range and a way for the CPR to continue its journey. While we were there I learned a lot about the history of the CPR. One of the things I learned about was the war on snow. Just like most mountain ranges Rogers Pass has huge amounts of snowfall during the winter. From the very first winter, Rogers Pass had its troubles. The heavy snowfall in the winter piled up on the mountains that overlooked the pass. Eventually avalanches would happen and back then they would wreck sections of the track as well as trains. First the government of Canada built miles of snowsheds to stop the snow from reaching the track. Although this melted was somewhat useful workers still had to clear away the snow from the sheds to prevent pile up. In 1916 the 8km long Connaught tunnel finished construction underneath Rogers Pass. This sheltered the trains from snow. In 1988 the CPR finished construction on an even bigger Mount McDonald tunnel which was 14.7km long to increase capacity.

Today Rogers Pass is home to the Trans-Canada Highway and is home to the largest mobile avalanche control program in the world.

Buffalo Ranch

One of the more interesting places we went on this trip was a Buffalo Ranch. The Ranch is owned by a very great and unique person Leo. The ranch is really cool and unique. While we were there I learned a lot about wild life, especially buffalo.


Our most eastern stop on this trip was Calgary we were there for 3 days and had a BLAST! Two places that were really cool were the zoo and Beakerhead. At the zoo we got to see many different animals including pandas. It was amazing!

The other more important stop in Calgary was Beakerhead. Beakerhead is a annual event that brings together the arts, science, and engineering extorts to build, engage, compete, and exhibit interactive works of art, engineered creativity and entertainment. It was a very cool event and an amazing experience!


Now we move onto food. I had many delicious tasting things on this trip. One of my favourites was the Young Elvis milkshake. The milkshake was peanut butter and banana flavoured and it was delicious. Some of the amazing restaurants that we ate at were Big T’s, Red lobster for endless shrimp, and Blaze Pizza. They were all delicious and I recommend any of them.


Now is the part where I remind you that even though this sounds like a lot of fun (and it was) this was still and educational field study meaning we had work to do. Now we already had our Alberta video but we also had some surprise videos that we had to film on the fly.

The first is the ghost town video. On the first day we had to film a video in a historic ghost town. Here is our video:

The second and last video we had to do was at an enchanted forest, here is ours:


I never really know how to end post… I had a great time in Alberta and I got to get even closer to my friends in PLP I am so glad I had to opportunity to go and went. That all for this post thanks for reading.


The lands impact on identity

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post. This one is a follow up to the last post which you can check out here.

If you’ve been reading my post for a while you might recall last years post about the field study from when we went to Oregon. The topic for that unit was worldview. Believe it or not worldview and identity are connected. We learned that worldview is your view of the worldview and identity is how the world sees you. We also learned a lot before the trip. We learned about the First Nations territory’s that are in now modern day British Columbia and Alberta. As well as the impact the Europeans had on the First Nations.

We also learned about the CPR. We learned why it was built and the impact it had on creating Canada as we know it today.

Keeping all that in mind, we started our field study. We also had to answer the driving question. How does the land impact our identity? We went to a variety of different places to help us answer the question. Some of the places we went to were Craigellachie, Columbia icefield, Beakerhead, Banff, Lake Louise, Drumheller and so many more. We even went to a bison ranch!

One good example of our driving question is Drumheller. Drumheller is a small town that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for dinosaurs . The discovery of fossils allowed a ton of businesses to open such as the royal tyrell museum. The opening of these businesses created more jobs thus creating a town and attracting people from around the world to come.

Our project for this unit was to make a 5 minute video that answered the driving question. Below is my video explaining my answer to the driving question as well as featuring some places that I haven’t mention in this post.

In conclusion I learned a lot about identity. As for the answer to our driving question, my answer is the land impacts your identity in many different ways. From how you live to the activities you take part in. But you identity is not only what impacts you


Hi everyone this post is on identity!! This is just the first part of the unit so don’t expect to much writing.

So far in this unit we talked about our driving question which is, how does the land impact our identity? For this unit we started writing our ideas on what we thought about the driving question. I wrote about how where you live can effect what you do and how that effects you. I also wrote about how the culture of others effects how you go about your daily living.

Then we were split into groups and told to make a video. In my group was Jason and Kyle. Here’s our video.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!! an exhibition!!!!

Hello dear reader I’m back with yet another post and I have some bad news. This is the final blog post of gr.8. Unless I completely fail gr.8 this year my next blog post will come next September when I enter PLP 9. So I hope you stay tuned till then. Now on to the topic of this post!

Its the end of the school year in PLP whic means its exhibition time! If you don’t know what the PLP exhibition is then you should go check out my winter exhibition post right here.

The topic for this end of year exhibition for gr.8 was, How can you design a solution to a problem a non-PLP peer has? Other then this Question our only constrant was that it had to be ready for the night of the exhibition.

All of the exhibitions in PLP follow the L.A.U.N.C.H. Cycle which stands for

So there’s the launch cycle for ya and if you want to see you we used it in blue sky my book that I made is right there.

Just like in the winter exhibition we had to decorate the room that we were in to make it look nice. I was in the physical health group. We decided to split the PLP room into two sections a sports section and a hospital section. We didn’t have a lot of time to plan and we almost didn’t have the room ready in time for the exhibition, but we managed. When the doors open our room looked really good. Here are some pictures from the night of.

Thanks for reading and have a good rest of your day 👋


Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing post. This post is about TPOLS!! This is my first one but it’s a lot like the MPOLS post I did awhile back. The only difference is that this one is about why I should be accepted into PLP next year. So here I go!

I have learned a lot this year. From photoshopping to blogging to sewing to using an iPad to taking better pictures. The list goes on and on.


Maker this year has been a blast! I learned a lot how to learn in a group from DI. I also learned some very key things that I’ll get to later but the first thing I would like to talk about is DI.

The end of Destination Imagination?!

DI was great I learned a lot about how to be a good group member. I chose to include this unit is because it really shows you how key working in a group is. It also taught me how to look at thing from a different prospective because if I hadn’t my groups final project would have been very bad.

Another unit that really help me improve was both exhibitions that we did this year. This unit tought me how to prepare for a presentation and why you don’t leave it to the last minute.

An exhilarating exhibition


Humanities this year flew by. It feels like it was just yesterday when I got on the bus to Oregon. Of all the things we did this year there are a few I will never forget.

The first is the advertisement unit. I think this was an important because it used all the things we worked on this year but I just didn’t realize it back then. The Oregon ads really helped me develop my skills in photoshopping and using still images.

One thing that learned from this unit is that you should never rush through any project and hurry to hand it in.

Another project we worked on in humanities that I think really helped me was the religion unit.

A religious worldview

The reason I really believe this unit helped me improve as a learner is for two reasons. The first is that I lived a very sheltered life so getting to go out and see different types of people and how they live was very amazing. The second is because it taught me that you can’t procrastinate work when your in a group because if you do then your group members are going to yell at you and its not good for the group.

One unit that I definitely could of worked harder on was our stitch in time unit. I know I could of done more on this unit because when I go and look at our quilts that we did. Not much of the stuff that we did for it I can say I did. This was one of the units were I slacked of a lot.


This year in science was very unique and the units we did helped me learned and practice a lot of things. One of those things was presentation. Ive always been ok at making and presenting work but normally it always an individual project. The unit we did on earthquakes was very good for me to practice presenting in a group and our presentation worked out very well.

Improvements to be made

This year I have really struggled with handing work in on time and not procrastinating it to the night before. One example I have is this presentation I didn’t start it till about 10:00pm last night and didn’t finish until right before we came here. Another example is the winter exhibition. I didn’t really started the final project until the night before and even though it turned out really good I was extremely exhausted the day of the exhibition.

How I’m going to improve 

The main reason I procrastinate a really long time is because I keep getting distracted by all my games. So my solution for this is I’m most likely going to delete all my games at the start of next year so that I don’t get distracted by them because I have terrible self control.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.