Power play and how it started. This was the name of our project. Our project was not the most fun we’ve ever done but it was ok. Our project was about the medieval times. The funnest part was probably when we made a picture of us and we put our faces onto the medieval art  pieces. This is mine:

It looks kind of wired but thats ok! It looks like me when I think. We male lots of little things like  this art choice chart:






Now I know what your thinking, thats a lot of words. Yes, I know. This was not that hard but I had to do it with really old photos. One box alone took me like 10 minutes. Some boxes where easier than others but still not impossible. The book that we read for the project was called the book of the lion. I do not recommend it if you want to read something. The book of the lion is about a guy and he goes to the holy land. I don’t want to spoil it for you if you want to read it but most of my class didn’t like the book. We did role sheets to go with the book. We only did three because we finished in week three of reading it.  The last little thing that we did was a sketch and tell. This is like a chart with two sides and on one side you sketch and on the other  side you explain what is happening in your chart/ drawing.

The question for this assignment was how do societies gain and loose power? my answer, for this was society contain and lose power because of land if they gain a lot of land, then they get higher up in the classes, and if they lose land, then nobody really pay attention to them so they lose power. If you want to know what’s happening in my drawing than read the other side. That’s all we did in this project but we will start another one soon and I will keep you updated. 

The outsiders.

The outsiders 

If you where in PLP in grade 8 you probably did this.

I’ll tell you what it was about, it is not that boring. Because I will make it fun!

The outsiders is a book and a movie. The main character is Pony boy. His best friend is Johnny. They are greasers. There are socs witch are the popular people that are rich and mean. The outsiders was a pretty good book. If your bored and want to read something then read the outsiders! The theme is sad, exiting, funny and lots more. During the project we had to do lots of little assignments. We did lots of role sheet. Role sheets are like sheets of questions that you have to answer and draw pictures for your answer you have. Another thing about the outsiders is the kids smoke and drink alcohol. If your like me it’s a bit concerning. We did lots of assignments and ill talk about some of them. The Driving question, The driving question was “how can text help me understand my wold view as its changing?” This was an assignment to write a paragraph about how my world view is changing. The next assignment that I will be telling you about is my MindNode. This one wasn’t that hard and we just wrote about world view. It was really easy to format because we did it in an app called MindNode. The last assignment that I will be talking about is my Outsiders scavenger hunt. This was fun to do because it took up a hole class and it was relatively easy. You basically just have to find the correct answer to each question and then put it in the correct place.

<— My world view paragraph <— My MindNode


We also made a song. That was terrible we had to make a song about our wold view. We backed it off of the song its the end of the world as we know it by Bill Berry, Mike Mills, Michale stipe, Peter Buck. But we made a remix. By “we’’ I mean Siena, Daniel and I. 

The link to Siena’s blog is here: http://www.blog44.ca/Sienaj/

The link to Daniel’s blog is here: http://www.blog44.ca/danielj/

Anyways it was hard to make. Also we hade to time it right. It took us about 2-3 weeks. After the book we watched the movie. The movie was really good but it was so quick. When the movie was halfway done in the book it was in the 2nd chapter! It’s like that in Harry Potter too. This song made no sense to me but we did it anyway. We recorded it on garage band and we had to time it perfectly with the beat. That was really hard and we had to delete one big part because we weren’t on beat. It was sad deleting it but it had to be done. 

<— This is our song lyrics.


After all the struggle and stress I finally got to the finish line of the project. I handed the last assignment. I struggled one last time. I almost gave up one last time. But I made it through the project. So I just wanted to tell you the story of the outsiders project. I hope you liked reading it. Because you made it this far I want to give you a little snack: 🍟🧁🍿🍦🍩 the best part is you don’t have to share with anyone! The snacks are all yours! See you next time


My Hobbies!

Hi, welcome to my first post EVER! My teacher told me to write a post on anything I wanted to  I’m going to talk about some of my hobbies.


I have a lot of hobbies. One of my favourite hobbies is playing hockey. Ice hockey is really fun if you know how to skate. I know how to skate really well and its no harder then walking on land for me. But People that don’t play hockey most likely can’t skate. I’ve been playing hockey for 9 years. I love playing hockey because this year in the one of the best one’s on the team and I’ve scored 5 goals so far.


Skiing is also one of my hobbies. I love skiing in the winter. I tried snowboarding but it hurt my butt and it was too hard. So I stuck to skiing. I mostly go skiing after school so it’s not as busy as the weekends. I love skiing with my friends and it’s really great because we are all around the same level. So that means we can start and finish around the same time. I also do mountain biking but mostly in the summer with my friends. Our bike coach is Em for short. She is a wold champion for ski cross. She won gold in the worlds and she went to Italy for the tournament.


I also like hanging out with animals. I don’t mean that I pretend I am a princess. I mean I like playing with dogs and holding geckos. Some of my favourite animals are Horses, Monkeys, Crested geckos, Chinese cave geckos and dogs.My mom use to have a horse. She has had horses ever since she was a kid. I love horses because I think they are really attaching animals and protective. They can also be kind of  mean. They get scared really easily and if they do get spooked they will most likely kick you or run.


I also will gladly do that in mostly of my free time. I do like lots of other things but I think that would take a lot longer than a post. So thanks for reading! See you next time.


Who am I as a PLP learner?

WAIT before you move on I want to tell you about my first PLP project. This PLP project was called becoming a PLP learner. The driving question was who am I as a PLP learner. I think this project went really well. I hade a lot of fun making it and I will put a link to my YouTube video. This project didn’t take that long like some other ones.


You should totally subscribe! ᕙʕಠᴥಠʔᕗ


My first slide is my introduction on the background I made it on procreate. This was really fun to make. The colours were also hard to find.

Word Pack.

Then it’s my word pack I just put a handful of words that I think describe me. I chose those colours because I think they match my personality, Kind, funny, soft. We did this assignment to learn more about our self and each other and because the words describe us.

I am Photo.

After my word pack its my I am photo. It’s practically just a photo that I took and the activity in the picture is something I enjoy doing. In this particular picture I was with my friends and we were mountain biking together. We did this photo because it describes our interests. I learned from this assessment that there are a lot of different people and similar people in this one room every day.


After the I Am photo I have my three most active setting. The first setting is The funny setting. There are multiple pictures in this slide and my favourite picture is the one of me with the bad makeover. That was really fun to do. The second setting is Crazy mode. When I’m in this mode I am REALLY WIRED!!! But a lot of proper like when I’m wired Student mode is my last setting. This setting is often on from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:00 pm. I can malfunction when it’s lunch. We did this assignment so other people can under stand us and can communicate in a way that we will understand. I Learned from this assignment

Pumpkin Man

My pumpkin man. Ints slide is about a pipkin that we hade to do and we had to use an eraser on digital art. With the eraser we had to draw a face and I did the Roblox man face. The face was not really hard to make but it was fun to try to draw. We did this assignment to learn how to use Keynote painting tools and get comfortable with Keynote .I Learned from this assignment that I am actually pretty good at drawing Roblox man faces with an eraser. Also, I think I learned that even if something unexpected happens, you can still finish and get it done on time.


The next slide was my Memoji. This was really fun to make because we spent an entire class making a Memoji. If you have ever made one you know it’s really fun. We did this assignment because we needed emojis to express our feelings online and to show our personalities. I Learned from this assignment a lot of people have emojis and them and that there are a lot of different shapes and sizes of everything. You also can’t make you perfectly. Everybody is different.


Pictures of my slideshow