Going Farther – tPols 2020

I, like most people, was under the impression for most of my life that success looks like this: Like anyone who thought they understood the pathway to success, I decided to let it guide my life. Since there appeared to be only one pathway, I reasoned that if I focused all my effort on academics, […]

The Cursed Movie – Macbeth Unit

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble. This unit has been nothing but trouble (just kidding!) Over the past two to five months (depending on what you are counting), our class has been working on one of our most interesting units and ambitious projects yet; Macbeth. After convincing our teachers that we were capable, we were given […]

The Harmony of Teamwork – TWIL #3

“The son of Duncan / from whom this tyrant holds the birthright / lives in the English Court” Unknown Lord (3.6.27-28) Where would any of us be without our relationships? Who would we get advice from? Where could we turn for help? It‘s common knowledge that relationships are important to human success, but recently I’ve […]

Tale of two Mc’s – TWIL #2

“Look like the innocent flower / but be the serpent under’t.” – Lady Macbeth” (1.5.76-77) Appearance can be a dangerous thing, as it can completely hide a dark reality lurking within. I say this partially because of reading numerous lines like the quote above from Macbeth this week, but also because this statement rings true […]

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