✏️Similarities and differences✏️

Week 5 of the blogging challenge

Hey it’s Emily again!

Today I’m going to ask you readers some questions. If you have a answer feel free to comment on the post and I will try to respond!

  1. what’s your favourite tropical animal?🐠
  2. Who’s your favourite singer?🎤
  3. what’s your favourite dessert?🧁
  4. what’s your favourite movie/TV show?🎬
  5. what’s your favourite holiday?🎉
  6. What’s your colour? 🎨
  7. What’s your dream place to travel too?🗺
  8. what’s your favourite season?🌦
  9. what’s your favourite sport?⚽️
  10. if you could change your name what would it be?✏️

Here are my answers:

  1. Clown fish🐠
  2. ABBA🎤
  3. Apple pie🥧
  4. Mama Mia🎬
  5. Christmas🎄
  6. Sky blue💙
  7. Paris✈️
  8. Summer☀️
  9. Field hockey🏑
  10. Lizzy✏️

Thanks for playing!


11 thoughts on “✏️Similarities and differences✏️

  1. Lachlan says:

    Hi Emily my name is Lachlan my favourite tropical animal is also a Clown fish.
    those questions are very interesting.
    I also like your blog

    My favourite dessert is cheese cake.

    And my favourite sport is soccer.

    Whats your favourite song?

  2. Astaneh says:

    hi Emily,
    I think common ideas, hobbies, favourites and … among people, make them closer.
    It seems you would find some good comments regarding your post.

    #STUBC commenter

  3. Kaylie says:

    Hi Emily! My name is Kaylie, and I enjoyed your blog post, it is very unique. My favorite singer is Shawn Mendes, and Avengers: Infinity War is my favorite movie, it is great. I also love Thanksgiving, the color purple, the season of spring, and bowling. If I were to change my name, I would probably change it to Taylor, that’s a cool name to me. Anyways, maybe you could come check out my blog at https://2024knk.edublogs.org and leave a comment.

  4. 2024pae says:

    Hi my name is Pierce and my favorite tropical animal is a flamingo. I like all tropical things, especially the plants, they are so cool! My favorite color is Green. I don’t know if it’s because you see it everywhere, but it’s just really appealing to me. And finally, my favorite TV show is Clarence, sadly it was canceled. I really liked it because whatever happened in it, you could do in real live if something weird or fictional happened it was just a dream. That is a little about me and my preferences.

  5. Caden says:

    Hi I’m Caden and I like what you did here. It was a great way to get to get to know your readers. Also Paris is an awesome place to visit and I’m glad to see someone else shares that thought. And in my opinion field hockey is the best sport too. http://2024cg.edublogs.org/

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