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Welcome back! Today I’m gong to talk about our project called RUN! Now in my class right now we are learning about video skills. So to work on this we needed to recreate a short film called RUN! This project was very fun and we learnt many things. So pretty much this video we had to recreate was a short horror movie. When I say short I mean 1 minute long. Now my group had to recreate this movie to be exactly the same. I’m not sure if we did it to match it one hundred percent but it was pretty close. If you want to watch the original video it will be right below. 

So before we started filming there was a couple things we needed to finish first. In my class we call these little projects that help us get to our goal, milestones so when I say milestone 1 it’s just one tiny project that helped us finish our video. We had 5 milestones that we needed to complete before starting our video. I think these milestones were pretty easy and did help us out a lot.

We learned that the first step in making a video was to write a screenplay. Since we weren’t actually writing a movie and just recreating an already made short film, it made it easier to get the screenplay done. The next step in making a good video or movie is to create a storyboard.

A storyboard is like a screenplay but instead of words it’s all drawings and images. This helps by showing you what exactly you need to film and where it’s needs to be done. Our screen board was animated so that we could see exactly what the character was doing and how long each scene would be.

The last step is making a call sheet. A call sheet has all the info of a crew member, actor/actress or any other extras they need.It talks all about where we are shooting each scene and on what date, as well as when and what, characters and crew are needed for that scene. The call sheet is very good for organizing a large group and making sure everyone knows what is happening. Our call sheet was mainly about when everybody was free and when and where we would actually be filming everything.

All those steps I just talked about are called the pre-production. Now let’s talk about our final video. Which is just called production. My group decided we would film on this trail that looked very similar to the original video. We did miss a couple shots that were supposed to have but now we know for next time that we should go over all our shots and look to see if we missed anything.

Overall I think my group did very well with this project. I definitely learnt a lot about pre-production and production. I really enjoyed this project, even though our video didn’t come out as well as we had hoped, I do think it was pretty good for a grade 9 class. I’ve got to say I’m happy that it wasn’t as scary as the original because I’ve got to admit I definitely jump after watching that.


-Emily ✌️

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