tPOL 2020

   Hey there! welcome to my tPOL! As the summer comes right around the corner, all I want to do is go to the beach and enjoy the sun, if we ever get any. Unfortunately that will not come true quite yet, since the whole terrible pandemic thing going that you’ve probably heard of. On the bright side, summer break is still summer break , even though we might be stuck inside all day. I can make my own beach!

Now, its time to get into what we’re all really here for. I’m here to explain why am I ready to move onto grade 10. In my other tPOL I did it mostly project based. I wanted to do something a bit different this year. Since I have two main struggles, I thought I would talk about my two goals I wish to accomplish during grade 10.

   Going into grade 10 is a big accomplishment for me, It means I’m halfway through high school. And if you ask my I think that pretty important.

Ever since I was younger I’ve always had a bit of trouble with staying on topic and focusing as well and getting things in on time. I have tried many things to help me work on that but nothing seems to click. The number one thing that grade 9 has taught me was you really need to work hard for some if you really want it. So that could mean a good grade or being confident with the work you have finished. My 2 goals going into the next grade I will apply to all subjects and my personal life.

Up first is goal 1!

Goal #1.

Staying focused and on topic while doing my work, whether that be school work or at home.


   In the past year we’ve done many many MANY projects, some of which I felt I succeed in more then others. On the other hand, there were multiple projects which I failed to complete or meet standards. While writing this it really made me realize how I am as a learner. I am a student that need some sort of interest in the things I do, so that way if I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m so much more likely to finish well. If I’m interested in what I’m doing then I will get it done better. The way I can do this is by instead of just doing what was assigned, I can do more, and find it more interesting so I will take my time doing it and not rushing just to get it done.

I’ve always been a bit disorganized with keeping my work under control, and often have trouble prioritizing and balancing the academic and social parts of school. 90% of the time I am missing the organization and prioritize skills, without them it leads me to unable to concentrate for a certain amount of time. Even in writing this I’ve gotten distracted a bit more then I’d like to admit. An example could be our Confederation Commercial project. I got carried away trying to perfect the little assignments like stepping stones, when my focus should have been on the more important assignments, the milestones. I honestly believe that I did not help or contribute to this project as much as I should. 

And now moving on to my second goal.

Goal #2.

Make sure to stay on top of things, as well as keeping a positive and open mindset.

I’ve heard that grade 10 is when high school starts to become more challenging. I’m always up for a good challenge but I have a feeling that next year will be pretty difficult for me. Which means getting behind and losing track of my work. In order to stop that I need to start asking for help instead of shutting down and giving up when things get hard and I can’t understand. I am a kinesthetic learner, I need some sort of visual so help me concentrate and understand, and that has been one of my set backs ever since I was little, definitely in math and science. Math is the one subject that no matter how hard I try to considerate and focus, I can’t seem to get the hang of it. I have always struggled and broken down under the pressure of not understanding math as quickly or easily as my other classmates do.

This year has been a big example of that. For every project that we did the minute that I didn’t understand something I would get stressed out and fall behind instead of getting help. This didn’t happen during every project, it did when I was uncomfortable with the people I was in a group with or expected to understand something that I was really confused over. This is where I would lose all my concentration in Scimatics. There were rare times where I completely understand what we were working on and felt confident with my work.

Science and math have never been my strong suit, but I’m determined to not give up, I’m going to try my best, in my own way to make sure I understand what I’m doing. If that means asking more questions or getting a tutor maybe, or just more confidence throughout the year. it’s my goal to have a good positive mindset going into grade 10.

  Over the year that seemed to be unbelievable short, grade 9. I have had troubles and failures, successes too. Each project has taught me a lesson. Not just about how I work, but how I can improve my work. Once the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and we were all quarantined I had to get my head in the game, I had to up my game a lot, and work hard to improve my skills or I wouldn’t have been able to get any work done. I am determined to get to where I want to be so I can only exceed in learning. And finally to end this tPOL, I have a question to ask myself.

In the next up coming school year, how can I as a person accomplish my goals as a learner, including all the challenges I will face, how can I become a more successful me? That what I want to know for next year. 

Thank  you for listening! 😀

~ Emily

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