WW1, but its a book!

Hello and welcome back! If you didn’t already you, school is officially coming to an end. And that means I’ve made it through grade 9!! I honestly might even miss it a bit. Just a bit. To finish off humanities this year we did a project all about WW1. So for this project we had to pick a soldier who fought in the war, as well as a event that occurred WW1. Since just researching and doing a little essay is boring, and plus not very informative . Our teacher came up with a great idea! To turn it into a book. So we had are chosen solider and event, we research about them and put al the researcher into 4-6 pages. Once we got approved our teacher put it into our class book! Now enough of explaining lets talk about the project itself and the process.

Over all we had 5 milestones. Each one helping us get to the finally completion. In my opinion I think there were 3 really crucial milestone. First one was our solider stories. I think this one is  important because it is the whole base and all the information you need for the first part of the topic pages. Second one is definitely the topic pages themselves. Without them its not really a book. Down below I have put my topic pages. For my solider I did Harry Edward Kerr, and for my event I chose the Halifax Disaster. We had a choose to have our topic pages, 4 pages or 6 pages. I originally done just 2 pages but Ms. Maxwell had told me if I do 4 I would able to put in so much more good information, so thats just what I did. I decided to use 3 of my 4 pages for my event and the other 1 pages for my solider. Over all I think my topic pages worked out quite well. They had lots of great information and they looked very organized and easy to understand.

The other part of our WW1 project, was a book chat. We everyone was assigned into groups and a book that was based around WW1. The book we got for our group was called War Horse. And so every week each group was assigned certain amount off pages to read and then we would have little jobs we called them, there was summarizer, artist, Discussion Director and driving questioners. I think the book chats were a good way to help understand the WW much better. Definitely for me, I found that as i was reading the book, I understood how the people felt. It most definitely helped me become for specific with my topic pages.

Overall I think I did pretty well with this project. I did well on my topic pages with description and clear understanding. And I’m really proud of my teacher and my class for putting together a whole book, all about the history of WW1. This project was super fun and definitely a great way the end the year!

See you all next year!!

~ Emily

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