What is identity? 

It can mean many things from different peoples perspective. I personally think identity is many many things.

Identity is who you are. It’s your race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, beliefs, values, appearance, career, upbringing, worldview, location, name, age, and everything else that makes you, you.

Such as where you’re from. Where you were born or where your ancestors are from. It can also mean your interests, whether it be the sport you play or your hobbies, what you’re known for in school or your biggest accomplishment. It’s how you identify yourself. Whether you imagine yourself as maybe short and friendly or you’re super tall and kind of shy, but when you’re near people you know like your friends or family, you’re the friendly person there.

Identity means a lot of things. I think it’s mostly what you think of yourself, how do you identify yourself. Just like it’s your choice and your challenge if you want to change your identity. Your identity is customized to be you. Your unique and your identity is unique. Never be ashamed of your identity, be prove of who you are. 

Here’s how I imagine a little part of my identity in a picture. It’s hard to express who you are in just a few images. Here I show two things I think are a big part if who I am.

*Peep Ciara in the bottom corner :)*

~ Emily

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