2021 Election!

Hellooo and welcome back to my first blog of the school year!! I know I’m not the only one noticing the blue, green, red, and orange signs everywhere around the community because of the recent Canadian Election. Most of you know that the election starts in October not September, but in August the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau called an election early for September 20th, hope to gain a majority government.

It is now past the election since the Canadians voted on the the 20th.

Free and fair elections are one of the main and most important part of a Democracy. Although, not all Canadians are eligible to vote in elections. I believe that you need to be motivated to vote, people need to agree and understand about what the parties are advertising. And by voting it not only elects the party but you helped and now have made a big impact. People not interested in what the parties are saying, prevents people people from voting, if the people don’t know or care about what they’re voting for. They have no reason to vote. Which impacts the community in not a great way.

Something that could help motivate people to vote is to give them the right to, they want to have the chance to vote. Voters can also be worried and unsure about a topic that a candidate or party says they want to work on. Something not all people realize is, not enjoying or being for the way the government is being run, is also a motivation to vote. They don’t like how things are being run, then they vote and make that change.

I think people expected the results of the election to be as most people were saying. The Liberal Party had won, but without a majority. It would have been pretty hard for them to gain a majority because a lot of people were not happy, and disappointed that the election was called because of the pandemic. I understand how they are feeling, it was a bit of a waste of money, not to mention unsafe. But it also wasn’t completely useless, because it did help out government.

This years election had a pretty low result for Canada, possibly the lowest since 2008 when it was 58.8%.  I think that that this year people didn’t vote, because they didn’t want an election to happen, they were already content with how everything was and didn’t really care about the results. These different levels of how much people cared about voting could be seen in a student election at my school too. Some people did research and wanted to voting so they are prepared when they are old enough to vote. While others weren’t thinking about that. I learnt that this election was just learning more about the election process and observing it in real time.

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