Tectonic Chances summative Blog post


We just finished a new project about tectonic plates. In this project, we had to study and learn about tectonic plates to create a fun board game and have science concepts. We used many different stepping stones and milestones to help us along the way; the first milestone that I think helped me was milestone 1; we did this milestone when we knew nothing about plate tectonics and how they worked. In this milestone, we had to make a map in MindNode from what we knew at the time, and I thought mine turned out quite well

This milestone helped me because I put my thoughts down and visualized what I knew about plate tectonics.

Milestone 2
Milestone 2 is when we started to learn about plate tectonics. Around this time, we did textbook work. In this milestone, we had to find ten scientific concepts regarding plate tectonics then choose ten things that might be in your game. We decided that the game was going to be based in the ring of fire and that the objective was going to be to escape the ring of fire

We scraped some of those ideas for being too complicated and making the game too chaotic.

Final game rules and final game
After a lot of trial and error, we finally finished the rules; we changed the rules a lot from what we thought our game would turn out. We ended up making a game that solely relies on the dice roll and chance

We also added obstacles, which include volcanoes, earthquakes and fault line
I was proud of our final game as it went up and beyond my expectations. I spent a long time making the cards and the board me and my partner went through numerous amounts of trial and error, and it turned out like this

Curricular Competencies

I feel like I improved with this curricular competency; over the time of the project, I understood plate tectonics more and more, and I demonstrated many science concepts, such as divergent and Subduction plate boundaries causing earthquakes and volcanoes. In conclusion, I think I adequately showed this competency in my project.

Questioning and predicting
I felt like I could do better in this competency as I didn’t do the best possible. I often got distracted and off-topic. I didn’t show my best focus on this project, but I’ll try to change it for the next project.

Understanding and solving
I made a lot of probability-based aspects of my game. For example, most of the elements of the game were from the chance of a dice roll. The movement and the chance to land on a volcano or earthquake are all calculated in the rulebook. In conclusion, I thought I showed this competency quite well, and all the calculations were correct.

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