Student blogging challenge day 4

For day 4 of the student blogging challenge, we dived into the copyright rules and how to use an image legally. We were tasked with finding a copyright-free image related to one of the seven aspects of my worldview, the element that I chose was values. A few of the things I value greatly are basketball and hard-work, so I decided to select a photo that incorporates both those things. It took a while to choose which image to use, but I finally decided to pick this one 

I found this photo here
I chose this photo because it reflects on my value of hard work as it is early in the morning in the picture, and that proves dedication to the sport because they woke up to be ahead of the game. Another reason how it reflects on my values is that they value basketball as well and have done hard work to become better at the game. In conclusion this image reflected on early mornings practicing and the dedication and hard work it takes to become good at basketball.

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