Comic Cells

Have you ever wondered how cells fight viruses off inside your body? Well in this project we created comic books about how cells and viruses interact. We had 3 choices for our comics, interaction between cells and viruses, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. I ended up choosing the interaction between cells and viruses. I chose the rhinovirus and how the immune system combatted this virus. We had 5 milestones in this project, I feel like some of them really helped me improve for example I felt milestone 4 really helped me get a basis for my story and figured out what I wanted to make. My first draft of the comic I was not happy with since I used the wrong model for rhinovirus and it wasn’t coloured but after criticism and critique I updated all the drawings with the updated model of rhinovirus and I coloured in everything. I felt my improvement towards critique really helped me create my final project. I was really happy with my second draft here is the result



Questioning and predicting 

I felt i did much worse on this competency then I wanted to as I was off task a lot of the time, nonetheless I completed my best work on time

Scientific communication 

I fell like I extended very far in this competency as I used around 30 science words relating the virus, immune system and different parts of the cells. I also used many good diagrams for masks and how the virus infects you.


I made the fight between the immune system and the virus have realistic and logical outcomes. I also showed every step the virus and immune system take to combat each other

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